Oreo Beer Is Real And It Sounds Glorious

Oreo Beer Is Real And It Sounds Glorious

Oreos and beer may seem like a strange combination to some, but to this Virginia-based brewing company, Oreos and beer are a match made in heaven.

Veil Brewing Co. introduced an Oreo-flavored seven percent Hornswoggler chocolate milk stout.

“This Tuesday January 24th will be the debut of Hornswoggler with Oreos!” Veil Brewing Co. said in a post on Instagram. “That’s right. You heard right. We took our 7% robust chocolate milk stout Hornswoggler and conditioned it on hundreds of pounds of Oreo cookies. If you like Oreo cookies, this is a must try.”

I may or may not have bought an entire box of Oreos for this picture… #whalezbro #oreobeer #veilbrewingco #hornswoggler #rvabeer #fanaticbeer @fanaticbeer

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According to How To Brew, the “conditioning” process is a function of the yeast. Once the primary fermentation stage is over and the majority of the sugars have been converted to alcohol, there are still quite a few yeast particles floating around.

During the earlier phases of fermentation, several compounds were produced by the yeast. Once the “easy food” is gone, the yeast starts to re-process the by-products.

The company warned customers that there may be some residual fermentable sugars from the cookies in the beer and “highly suggested” that the cans be kept as cold as possible at all times. Veil also suggested customers consume the beer when it’s at its freshest for the “most intense Oreo character possible.”

So, how’s it taste?

After waiting patiently in line for well over an hour, customers were able to get their hands on the sweet brew.

“@theveilbrewing done did it again. An hour wait for these, but it’s mad worth it,” wrote Instagram user @beer_rawn.

@theveilbrewing done did it again. An hour wait for these, but it's mad worth it. Big ups to telework on tuesdays bc I would've missed out on these gems. #datroof #theveilbrewing #hornswoggler #RVA #804 #beerporn #craftbeerporn #craftbeer #instabeer #beerography #beershare #beertrade #craftbeeradvocate #beeradvocate #beerstagram #craftbeerstagram #beersnob #cheers #lovebeer #lovecraftbeer #microbrew #drinkcraft #brewtography #craftnotcrap #craftbeercommunity

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“The Veil’s Hornswoggler aged on friggen Oreos. This beer is nuts in the best possible way,” Instagram user @dominicbascone added.

The Veil's Hornswoggler aged on friggen Oreos. This beer is nuts in the best possible way #veilbrewingco #topbrewstues

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On Monday, Jan. 30, RateBeer.com, an independent world site for craft beer enthusiasts, confirmed that Veil Brewing Co. is turning some heads in the brewing world.

Veil Brewing Co. was rated number three in the world, out of a class of 10, considered to be an “extremely elite bunch of the freshman class.”

In addition, the brewery was honored as the state’s number one best new brewer.

“I am very humbled and honored to receive this award,” Matt Tarpey, head brewer at The Veil, wrote in an email to WTVR. “We work extremely hard to create and execute the best beers we possibly are capable of producing. We are extremely proud to represent Richmond/Virginia’s flourishing craft beer community.”

According to WTVR, the honor is based on ratings of 6,500 new world wide brewers that were collected by RateBeer starting on or after the third quarter in 2015.

Tarpey claims that it’s the experimentation and the “impossible quest for personal perfection” that keep him inspired.

“We tirelessly rack our brains, tweaking each recipe to create a product that we are proud to release to the public,” Tarpey told WTVR. “The support of our regulars/locals and all other craft beer fans that visit The Veil inspire us to do our best.”

Drunken Oreos

Not into Oreo-flavored beer, but still want to get your buzz on with America’s favorite cookie? Enter Drunken Oreos.

Drunken Oreos – a creation concocted by FoodBeast – are wonderful little DIY Oreo snacks with a serious bite. All you need is two packs of Oreo pudding mix, milk, and of course, Oreos.

Recipe directions:

  1. Combine Oreo pudding packs with two cups of milk in a bowl; whisk.
  2. Pour six ounces – four shots – of your favorite alcohol into the mixture; whisk.
  3. Let the mixture chill in the fridge.
  4. Carefully separate the Oreo cookies by gently twisting and taking the two halves apart.
  5. Scrape out the frosting.
  6. Once your cookies are separated, get your booze-filled filling and slather it onto each cookie.
  7. Add the second cookie on top of the cream to reconnect the Oreo into a complete cookie sandwich.
  8. Let the cookies chill in the fridge.
  9. Enjoy!

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