Barron Trump Comedy Actor Makes Show About First Son

Barron Trump ‘Lookalike’ Attempts To Profit Off Comedy Show By Starring In It As America’s First Son

A so-called Barron Trump “lookalike” is attempting to profit off a comedy show by starring in it as America’s first son. An improv comedienne in Chicago believes she bears a striking resemblance to President Donald Trump’s 10-year-old son and sees an opportunity to make money while getting publicity.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Shannon Noll created and stars in the play, Barron Trump: Up Past Bedtime. It’s about Barron having bedtime story read to him before he stays up at all hours of the night to interact with imaginary friends. Noll declares she looks so much like Barron that she was perfect for the role.

“I was originally going to create a fake Trump child, but I look so much like Barron. And going into this, I specifically created this character so that he bears no resemblance in personality to what we’ve seen of Barron Trump. I’m just playing him as a generic kid.”

The play is performed at The Revival in Hyde Park. Noll has other actors in the show that play his imaginary friends, which have recognizable names in the political world. The characters are, as described by the Tribune: “Ben Carson, a Trump voter from Indiana, a ‘woke young kid and her Auntie, who has just come in from India,’ Betsy Ross and Vladimir Putin as ‘sort of a gossiping teenager.'”

Shannon Noll reveals that in spite of how this comes across, Barron Trump isn’t the one being mocked. After Saturday Night Live writer, Katie Rich, tweeted a disturbing comment about Barron, she was suspended from the show and President Trump called her post “disgusting.” When Noll was asked if she was hesitant about going through with making a play about Barron, she said she “doubled down” on making it happen, insisting that it’s not about picking on Trump’s youngest son.

“Barron Trump is absolutely not the butt of a joke.”

The play kicked off on January 28, and it’ll be performed once more on February 4. Clearly, there are political elements to the Pee Wee’s Playhouse-inspired show with names like Ben Carson and Vladimir Putin included.

Barron Trump is a popular young man in his own right early in his father’s presidency. The handsome boy captivated people worldwide when his father was running for office, and it peaked during the inauguration on January 20. Everyone wants to learn more about Barron, who’s still living in New York City with his mother, Melania Trump, until he finishes the school year. His parents don’t want to pull him out of the school he’s attended for years until he at least finishes the current grade he’s in before relocating to Washington, D.C.

Barron’s popularity has also culminated in its share of negative stories. Aside from the SNL writer making her own assessment about Barron being a “homeschool shooter,” Rosie O’Donnell has made assumptions that the child could be autistic, and Modern Family’s Julie Bowen posted photos of Barron on her Instagram account that had comments of her own thoughts about Trump being president.

Just days after most of this unfolded, a statement was issued by the White House.

“It is a longstanding tradition that the children of Presidents are afforded the opportunity to grow up outside of the political spotlight. The White House fully expects this tradition to continue. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.”

Barron Trump will naturally be of interest to the American public throughout his father’s presidency. It’s unknown how often the public will get a glimpse of him from here on out, but people will love whatever they can get.

[Featured Image by Saul Loeb/Getty Images]