Alabama Protesters Join Fight Against Trump’s Muslim Ban At Birmingham–Shuttlesworth International Airport

It was supposed to be a regular family outing—to see the airplanes taking off at the Birmingham–Shuttlesworth International Airport. Instead, on Sunday, there were hundreds of Alabama protesters inside of the airport fighting against Donald Trump’s Muslim ban. A beautiful sight to see, there must have been hundreds of people of different races and cultures inside. Protesters were holding up signs and showing their support for immigrants in this country and boasting their disdain for what they believe is happening to our nation. “It’s, all negative,” one person in the crowd stated.

[Image by Ivybrook Walker]

The protest at the Birmingham–Shuttlesworth International Airport was in response to Donald Trump’s immigration order, an executive order that will stop travelers and refugees from certain countries in their tracks if they try to enter the United States.

When news spread online and on social media that two Iraqi people with U.S. visas were being held because they were entering from one of the seven countries on Trump’s list, there was an incredible backlash from the American public and from foreigners around the globe.

New Yorkers began spilling out into the streets bound for JFK in protest, where they chanted and held signs that said “Legal Visas–Let Them In.”

At the Birmingham–Shuttlesworth International Airport, the atmosphere was not much different. Alabama’s protesters: Muslims, Hispanics, blacks, whites, and Asians were all marching together. Some held hands and others hugged.

Birmingham people wanted to show their love and support, not only for their fellow-Americans, but for others who are in search of a better life.

The protest at Alabama’s Birmingham–Shuttlesworth International Airport was a way to show that Birminghamians don’t support targeting certain groups and showing bigotry. According to AL, Birmingham Protest for Refugees and Immigrants organizer Carlos Chaverst made the following statement concerning the rally.

“Birmingham is the home of the Civil Rights Movement and home for thousands of immigrants from nations including those that Trump has targeted… [the protest will] show that we do not stand with the bigotry and hateful ideology that triggered Trump’s orders.”

According to Us Magazine, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo stated that he thought he’d never see the day when refugees, escaping their war torn countries would be turned away from America. He also stated that he didn’t believe that our nation was a nation of walls or bridges.

The Muslim countries that are listed thus far are Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya and Somalia. The order was signed on Friday, throwing everyone into a state of confusion, which turned to tremendous anger.

A Federal judge blocked Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban order nationwide, halting the deportation of those detained at various airports who fell under the ban.

People who are hurting say that no one saw this sort of emotional and outward upheaval under the Obama administration. They also fear that this new administration has failed to do anything that is unifying or welcoming, stating that it has been nothing but an entire upset for the past week.

Donald Trump has said that the media is reporting falsely, and that this is not a Muslim ban but a way to keep America safe from terrorism. The judge and many Americans disagree. Here are a few of the comments that were expressed on the New York Daily News’ Facebook page.

“Wonderful America! You have elected a fascist for president!”

“Trump’s proposed freeze on immigration from seven mostly Muslim countries cites the threat of terrorism. But it doesn’t include any countries from which radicalized Muslims have actually killed Americans in the U.S. since Sept. 11, 2001.”

“A Muslim registry is not only Unconstitutional, it’s UnAmerican.”

“If there’s a Muslim registry there should be a Christian registry.”

“Are we to believe all Muslims are dangerous, except the wealthy ones Trump?”

No word on whether protesters in Alabama are still at the Birmingham–Shuttlesworth International Airport. Please check back for future reports.

[Featured Image by Ivybrook Walker]