Melania Trump Adjusts Tie On Barron Trump

Barron Trump and Mom Melania: What They Left Behind [Opinion]

Barron and Melania Trump have been the targets of much ridicule since Donald Trump won the presidential election and it hasn’t subsided now that he’s in the White House. Neither Melania nor Barron signed up to live life in a fish bowl, but it appears this is how their lives have become these days. The mother and son stayed pretty much to themselves at one time, but this is almost an impossible feat for the two today. While folks might think their glamorous lives just got a bit more glamorous, maybe it is time to think again about what life is like today for Barron and his mom.

Donald Trump has made no secret of the fact that Melania has played the biggest part in the raising of their son Barron. His businesses didn’t become worth billions by Trump working an eight hour work day, five days a week. Despite the long work hours Trump was home almost every night sleeping under the same roof as Barron and Melania.

Now that Donald Trump is in the White House, while Melania and Barron live in their Trump Tower home, Melania barely sees her husband and Barron is also without his father, who is gone night after night. This would be a tough situation for any family. Melania not having her husband home at night is one thing, but look at what she is up against as she stays at home alone with their son. Today she is getting backlash for her husband’s temporary ban on immigration, which she had absolutely nothing to do with.

Despite the elegant pictures of Melania seen through the years at all the different events with her husband, she is really a homebody. When GQ Magazine spoke with a long-time friend of Melania’s from Slovenia, they learned that despite being rich, Melania is not a “socialite.” In an article that the magazine published on Melania last year, she was revealed as a woman who finds that being a mother to Barron is one of the greatest joys in her life.

She is also very happy in her role as a wife, but regardless of all the roles she’s taken on in life, she is an independent woman when it comes to the things she wants to do or doesn’t want to do. She believes this independence is one of the things that attracted her husband to her in the first place.

Her life is her family and when she did go out on her husband’s arm to one of the many events throughout the year, it wasn’t a late-night date for Melania. This friend said that Melania retires early. Now as the first lady of the nation, she is thrust into the limelight and will need to attend countless affairs, which will really change life for Melania.

Melania knew that if Donald Trump won his bid for the office that life was going to change drastically. During this interview it was learned that she was “never hot on the idea” of her husband running for president. Melania told Donald in the very beginning that “he really needs to make sure he knows he really wants to do it, because life changes.” She was right, life changed.

Even though Melania wasn’t exactly thrilled, she still vowed to stand behind her husband in this endeavor. Barron, who is only 10, started to realize how much life could change as the campaign got underway. Donald Trump said in an interview back in 2015 with People Magazine that for Barron, the thought of living in the White House was “a little scary for him.”

Donald Trump said that Barron does have concerns. “He thinks he is going to be taken away from friends. But I tell him if this happens, Daddy will help people, and can help children like him, and that makes him happy.” This was back in September of 2015, so it would seem that Barron has been wrestling with the thought of his life changing for the last year and a half. Melania has also had the uncertainty of what life would have in store for her family for all this time. While her husband ran for the top office of the land, there was never any guarantee that it would be his, up until election day.

Now with Donald Trump being the 45th president of the United States, Barron and Melania are having to adjust to a new life, one that would not be easy for any family. Melania’s husband and Barron’s father is always away from home. Instead of being made to feel welcomed into their new roles of first lady and first son, the mother and son have been ridiculed online and in the headlines. The majority of Americans want Barron and his mom to feel welcome, but it is the negativity coming from critics that usually makes the headlines.

Melania and Barron’s once private life is pulled apart across the headlines, with much of it being rumors. Today the headlines reveal that a Senator from Berkley is demanding the release of Melania Trump’s immigration documents. She has done nothing but walk into the role of the first lady graciously, a role that was basically thrust upon her. Yet, she is the target of some of the angst over her husband’s decisions to put the country back on track.

According to the SF Gate News, a state senator from California, Nancy Skinner, is asking the White House to release the immigration documents for Melania. She is doing this “in light of the president’s recent executive orders.” Trump’s new immigration ban has nothing to do with Melania, but once again she is targeted for her husband’s work.

Melania and Barron gave up a lot for the husband and father in their lives to move into the role of the president. It appears it is becoming a bigger sacrifice everyday as the headlines offer many more stories about the mother and son on almost a daily basis. If these articles and news clips were of a positive nature, this wouldn’t be so bad, but many negative things have been written and rumors were spun. The family is split into two separate living locations and while Melania is doing her best to make life as normal as possible for Barron, it seems as if she meets with opposition around every corner.

She stayed in Manhattan for Barron to finish up the school year, yet the parents of the school weren’t welcoming the idea. For Melania it must feel like it is the two of them against the world. Even the folks in NYC are not happy with the blockades around Trump Tower, which need to stay while it remains the full-time home of Melania and Barron.

When you look at all that Barron and Melania left behind to accommodate Donald Trump’s presidency, that would be peace, quiet and privacy, all the things that once made up their normal life. Melania and Barron didn’t have derogatory news stories and rumors aimed at them and Barron was once a kid who was just one of the students in a prestigious school. Their life before Donald Trump became president didn’t resemble a normal life for the majority of the people in this nation, but this was what they knew as normal. It looks as though life has changed for two very important people in President Donald Trump’s life. If this isn’t a welcome change for Melania and Barron, would anyone blame them?

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