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Mitt Romney’s Facebook Friends Abandon Ship

Mitt Romney lost the 2012 Presidential election and now he’s losing hundreds and hundreds of friends. Well, Facebook friends.

According to the Washington Post, Romney lost close to 600 friends between 10 and 11 am this morning. He’s losing Facebook friends so fast that you can actually watch the numbers fall. If you go to Mitt Romney’s Facebook page you’ll see that he has a little over 12 million likes. Refresh your page and you’ll see that a few Facebook friends have jumped ship.

The sudden drop of social media followers isn’t too surprising. The Romney campaign hasn’t updated its social media profiles since the election.

The last message on Mitt’s Facebook page is simple a picture from his concession speech. On Twitter, Mitt’s last message is a plea for voters to head to the polls.

The Post notes that after losing the election in 2008, Sarah Palin and John McCain both relaunched their profiles around Political Action Committees. Both Palin and McCain maintained a strong following after the 2008 election and have used social media to engage their fans.

It may be a different story for Mitt. Romney, of course, has the same opportunity as Palin and McCain but the GOP candidate may not be interested in maintaining a high-profile on social media sites. Romney has said that he was planning to step away from politics after the 2012 election.

Obama, on the other hand, is seeing the opposite effect. Obama’s Facebook page is receiving close to 100 likes a minute. (Based on a one minute study between 1:16 and 1:17 pm).

Are you a fan of Mitt Romney on Facebook? Were you?