ivanka trump's "life in a bubble"

Ivanka Trump’s ‘Life In A Bubble’: President’s Daughter Posts Photo Of $5000 Dress Amid Protests

Ivanka Trump’s latest post, in which she posed with her husband in her $5,000 evening gown is not sitting well with social media, reports Yahoo.

While thousands of people took to major airports across the country on Saturday night to protest Donald Trump’s executive order to ban immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries from coming into the U.S. for 90 days, Trump’s daughter shared a photo on social media that caused an uproar.

ivanka trump jared kushner date night
Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner had a date night on Saturday night. [Image by Saul Loeb – Pool/Getty Images]

Ivanka Trump shared a photo of herself wearing a silver evening gown alongside her husband Jared Kushner who wore a black and white tuxedo, which she posted to both Instagram and Twitter, reported Chron.com. Social media were understandably outraged since the post was ill-advised and inappropriate due to the headlines and national response to Trump’s immigration ban.

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Some took to Ivanka’s Twitter and Instagram account to call her out on the insensitive post, calling her “tone deaf.” Some even compared the 35-year-old to former French monarch Marie Antoinette, who famously spoke the words, “Let them eat cake,” when she found out that her people were starving and ran out of bread, according to Teen Vogue.

“Glad you’re having fun tonite! I just talked to a man who drove from Ohio to see his wife, who’s being detained indefinitely at JFK customs,” Twitter user Charles Homans responded to Ivanka’s tweet.

Some people called the post “classless” and “tasteless.”

“Are they for real?” one user wrote. “Is this some kind of tasteless tactic to infuriate people on purpose?”

According to Heavy.com, Ivanka Trump wore a Carolina Herrera dress that’s worth more than $5,000, and the couple was headed to a so-called “swanky” event at the black-tie Alfalfa Club dinner that night, which is held so that the Washington elite can celebrate the new administration.

While people were being detained at airports across the country, Ivanka was busy posting pictures of her dress and her date night look. According to a report via Us Weekly, “The 35-year-old businesswoman shared the image around 9 p.m. ET when protests outside of some of the nation’s airports had reached a fever pitch.”

ivanka trump dress
Ivanka Trump just wanted to post a picture of her dress on Saturday night. [Image by Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images]

Most were outraged by the First Daughter’s photo. People took to Ivanka’s Instagram and Twitter accounts to make remarks on her dress and the timeliness of the post. Some even argued that Ivanka lives her life in a “bubble,” as she clearly not aware of the current events taking place in the world, reports RawStory. Others simply just didn’t like her dress.

“It’s not the perfect moment to publish this kind of photo! Sorry [sic],” another wrote.

“You are shameful. I am watching as your father destroys the fabric of the American flag by discriminating against innocent people. And yet, he is still allowing people in from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan etc- the same countries that in his logic were where 9/11 terrorists were from. Your family is alienating allies and creating a recruiting ground for ISIS. And meanwhile, you are busy sharing a glamorous photo reminiscent of a dictator’s heartless daughter that feels nothing for anyone other than her own self gain. Fake feminist, fake family. May karma be just upon you and your family for all the damage you are causing our planet and humanity.”

Protestors have been demanding the release of hundreds of travelers who were detained following Trump’s “Muslim ban.” They have been at major airports across the country, including Logan Airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport, and Los Angeles International Airport. Earlier on Saturday, countless celebrities have taken to social media to slam Trump’s order, calling it everything from “evil” to “shameful.”

The photo was shared over 18 hours ago, and as of this report, Ivanka Trump has yet to release a statement about her Instagram post or tweet.

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