Middleton and Prince William welcome the former President of the United States and the First Lady to Kensington Palace

Kate Middleton And Prince William Putting Up Privacy Hedge At Kensington Palace After ‘Gross’ Donald Trump Tweet About Nude Kate Middleton Pics Resurfaces

Kate Middleton and Prince William care a lot about protecting their family from paparazzi. The Daily Mail writes that Kate and William are “known for being concerned about their privacy and eager to shield their young children from the public eye,” so it’s no surprise that the royal couple is taking extra steps to keep prying eyes out.

With the planned move to Kensington Palace in London, Middleton and the children will be far more at risk for unauthorized photographers snapping shots of the family. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are taking that risk seriously and “are clearly not taking any chances.”

They don’t want any more Middleton nude pics circulating, and they don’t want strangers peering into their private lives to get a glimpse of Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with Prince George and Princess Charlotte attend Christmas service.
Kate Middleton and Prince William attend church with the children near their country home, Anmer Hall. [Image by KGC-375/STAR MAX/IPx 12/25/16/AP Images]

The couple has begun building an 820-ft-long wall to keep out unwanted viewers and make sure there’s no repeat of the illicitly snapped nude photos of Middleton sunbathing topless that hit the internet in 2012.

When paparazzi caught a topless Middleton unawares, she was on private property, and she thought she was safe from cameras. The Middleton nude pics circulated to the world, and she had to put up with criticism and crude comments.

Among those who found fault with the duchess was the current President of the United States, Donald Trump. Trump’s “vulgar comment” in a public tweet ignited outrage around the world, and now that he’s President Trump, the tweet has resurfaced. Us Magazine reports on the Twitter shade that Trump threw after hearing of Kate Middleton’s nude pics.

“Kate Middleton is great — but she shouldn’t be sunbathing in the nude — only herself to blame. Who wouldn’t take Kate’s picture and make lots of money if she does the nude sunbathing thing. Come on Kate!”

To make matters worse, now that Trump is President of the United States, Queen Elizabeth has “extended an invitation to the president.” Trump will soon be visiting Kate’s royal mother-in-law and may meet with Middleton and Prince William, as well.

The news of Trump’s royal family visit has “sparked the Twitter-verse,” according to the Chron. People are just as upset now as they were when Trumps tweet about Middleton’s nude pics first circulated.

Kate Middleton on a royal visit to EACH
Kate Middleton wears a bold green suit very similar to a green suit worn by Ivanka Trump. [Image by KGC-178/STAR MAX/IPx1/24/17/AP Images]

Under the circumstances, it’s more than reasonable that Kate would be reminded of just how important her privacy is. Putting up a wall is a great way to “block the view of anyone hoping to get a glimpse of the family,” but this wall is nothing like the wall that Trump is planning to build between the U.S.A. and neighboring Mexico.

Kate and William love nature and don’t want to take away from the natural beauty of their neighborhood, where houses are worth up to $100 million. Tourists love to roam the area, which includes the Russian and Israeli embassies.

Visitors to England’s “most expensive street” don’t want to be staring at blank concrete walls, so the Cambridges are planting a row of English Yew trees. The yews, which grow about 1 foot per year, will reach 40 feet or more. That’s ” twice the height of a two-storey house” and more than enough to protect Kate, William, George, and Charlotte.

The living green wall will help out Prince Harry and Meghan Markle too when they want some privacy. Harry and Meghan have previously spent time at the prince’s two-bedroom cottage in the grounds.

Kate and William are putting together the perfect family home in the middle of busy London. Do you think their privacy will be respected there?

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