'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 76 completed Krillin's redemption arc, and the Episode 77 preview teased the beginning of the Universe Survival Tournament.

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 76 Review, Episode 77 Preview: Krillin Gets Redeemed, Bulma Gives Birth, And The Universe Survival Tournament Begins!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 76 recently aired, and it capped off the filler episodes building up to the upcoming Universe Survival Tournament. With the epic, multiverse saga set to begin next week, DBS Episode 76 wasted no time in much wrapping up some of the characters’ preparations for the upcoming grand multiverse tournament. That said, here are some of the most important plot points that happened in DBS Episode 76 and were teased in the Dragon Ball Super Episode 77 preview.

Just like last week’s episode, noted Dragon Ball Super translator Todd Blankenship stated that Episode 76 continued Krillin’s redemption arc as the once-proud martial artist attempted to gain back the fighting spirit he’s lost over the years. Just like Gohan during the last couple of episodes, Krillin was faced with his biggest fears and insecurity, and by the end of the episode, the short, stocky fighter was back in fighting form. Quite admirable, however, is how well the anime was able to depict Krillin’s transformation back into a formidable fighter.

'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 76 ended with Krillin being a formidable fighter once again.
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Dragon Ball Super Episode 75 left off with Goku and Krillin being surrounded by phantasms of enemies they previously fought. During the onslaught, Krillin admitted to Goku that his fear was taking over him because some of the opponents he saw in the forest literally killed him in the past. The scene was quite short, but it did depict a rare, human side to Dragon Ball Super. Fans, commenting in online forums such as Reddit, greatly appreciated this brief moment between the old friends, with many stating that it gave the episode a genuine quality.

While Krillin’s redemption as a fighter was the main focus of Dragon Ball Super Episode 76, the preview for DBS Episode 77 once more stole the spotlight this week, with numerous key scenes for the following episode being teased. For one, Bulla (or Bra, as she is commonly known), who is Vegeta and Bulma’s second child, would finally be coming to the anime. The pair’s daughter has been particularly popular among fans of the Dragon Ball franchise, mainly due to her immensely humorous dynamic with her father.

Bulla only made an appearance in the 90’s non-canonical Dragon Ball GT series. During that time, her rather mature appearance, her sassy attitude and her relationship with her father became some of the GT‘s most effective punch lines. Her relationship with Vegeta is of particular notice, especially since it is known that the Saiyan Prince greatly dotes on his daughter. Since the character’s debut decades ago, Bulla has been fondly dubbed by the franchise’s avid fans as Vegeta’s little princess.

'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 76 brought back some old, nefarious enemies.
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Considering Vegeta’s reactions in the Dragon Ball Super Episode 77 preview, it appears that the Saiyan Prince’s relationship with his daughter in DBS would be exactly as it was in Dragon Ball GT, as the proud fighter was shown being stressed beyond his limits on the brief teaser just by the premise of his daughter’s birth. In fact, avid fans of the Dragon Ball Super franchise believe that Bulla’s birth would most likely motivate Vegeta to fight harder than ever before in the Universe Survival Tournament. After all, it is pretty much a given that the Saiyan Prince would try his hardest to preserve the world his little princess has just been born into.

Considering that Bulma would most likely give birth to her and Vegeta’s daughter in Dragon Ball Super Episode 77, numerous fans noted that it appears that characters from non-canonical Dragon Ball movies and series are slowly being integrated to DBS. This has been highlighted by the Universe Survival Arc preview that was included in the anime’s NEP this week, with characters such as the Legendary Super Saiyan, which is non-canonical, being featured in the next saga’s trailer. With 12 universes set to clash in a grand tournament, it appears that more revelations and even more surprises are set to be unveiled in Dragon Ball Super very soon.

The Universe Survival Tournament would officially begin next week, with Son Goku finally seeing the two Omni-Kings about the upcoming multiverse battle. From what could be determined in the previews so far, it appears that, just like in the Future Trunks arc, Toei is not sparing any expense regarding the quality of the next arc’s animation. As the Universe Survival Tournament gets unveiled over the next few months, fans could rest assure that they would be getting only the best of what Dragon Ball Super could offer.

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