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Taylor Swift And Zayn Malik’s Relationship Explained: ‘He’s Really Special’

Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik have a very special relationship, according to a new behind-the-scenes video posted by Taylor. The two popular singers released a duet last month, “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever”, sending their fans into a frenzy. The song is part of the upcoming Fifty Shades Darker film’s soundtrack and was featured on the extended trailer. Following the release of the song’s music video, Taylor and Zayn dish out on their close friendship, and how it felt to finally work together.

Taylor Swift, the 27-year-old American singer, is one of the most popular musicians working today. Taylor was the highest paid musician in 2016, earning $60 million more than the second place on the list – Zayn Malik’s old band, One Direction. Despite leaving his super popular boy band, 24-year-old Zayn also had a tremendous year in 2016, releasing his first solo album, Mind of Mine.

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Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik released the music video for “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” on Friday, and it has already accumulated a staggering number of views – close to 14 million at the time of this writing. The video, shot at the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel in London, is close in tone to the Fifty Shades Darker trailer, with dark shots of Taylor and Zayn walking around lonely hotels rooms in the night, a lot of sexual tension, and some hotel room trashing.

During the filming of the “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” music video, as The Sun reported, Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik really did trash the luxurious hotel room. It started with Taylor Swift smashing a mirror in the bathroom, and then setting the curtains on fire (smoke alarms had to be turned off). Zayn also had his fun – he got to smash a lamp against a wall and rip apart the pillows.

One day after the release of the music video, Taylor Swift took to Instagram to post a behind-the-scenes clip, as People reports. In the clip, Taylor talks about her relationship with Zayn, and how it felt to work together after knowing each other for so many years.

“I’ve known Zayn for a really long time. I think his voice is one of those that is really rare, and I think he’s really special and wonderful and it’s really, really amazing to get to work together.

“It’s amazing when you get to work with people who you hang out with because the question of ‘Will we get along?’ is already answered. ‘Yeah, we’ll get along. It’s Zayn. We hang out, like, it’s fine,'”

Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik have apparently shared many great moments while filming the music video, but he mentions one in particular.

“We finally got to have our first glass of Jameson together. It was very good.”

It’s not all about the friendship, though, as Taylor Swift also makes a point to note Zayn’s “incredible” talent, how proud she is to be working with him, and how lucky she was to get to do this song.

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Following the release of the music video, some fans were wondering why Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik are hardly touching each other in it and only share a few shots together. Some have speculated this might have something to do with Zayn’s girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, who also happens to be Taylor Swift’s best friend.

Taylor Swift, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are seen in New York City.
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According to sources who spoke to TMZ, Gigi Hadid wasn’t on set and thus had nothing to do with the final outcome.

“Gigi wasn’t even on set when it was being shot and had zero influence on Taylor and Zayn’s interactions. We’re told Gigi’s confident in her relationship with Zayn, and doesn’t try to restrict his work.”

According to the sources, it made more sense with the song’s lyrics to keep Taylor and Zayn apart for most of the video, but even if it called for them to be all over each other – “Gigi wouldn’t care.”

With such a close friendship between Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik, and their “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” duet becoming such a big hit, we can probably expect additional collaborations in the future.

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