whiskey advent calendars

Drink Your Way Through The Holiday Season With A Whiskey Advent Calendar

Whisky Advent Calendars are a slightly twisted new take on an old tradition. These countdown to Christmas calendars do not have little candies or motivational phrases tucked inside the little windows. The Master of Malt company is offering an adult-themed version of the old-fashioned holiday calendars.

The Whisky Advent Calendar reportedly contains concealed containers of whiskey in place of sweet treats. The Master of Malt’s website is keeping the varieties of the hidden whiskey on the hush-hush. Even though the specific types of booze contained in the Whisky Advent Calendar are unknown, the company does note that a 50-year-old bottle of Scotch is included. If such an elite bottle of whiskey was sold alone in a full-sized bottle, it would cost almost $560, according to the Huffington Post.

The cost of the Master of Malt’s Whisky Advent Calendar is reportedly $239.60. If the big price tag cuts a little too deeply into the Christmas shopping budget, there is a less expensive alternative. The Ginvent calendar is reportedly offered for just $127.75. The Ginvent option contains “market leader” spirits and “rare, artisan” brands of gin as well.

The Master of Malt website had this to say about the booze-filled advent calendars:

“We love Christmas and we love the excitement of advent calendars, but we’ve always longed for something a little more interesting than a small piece of cheap milk chocolate on the other side of each door. Well folks, we’ve got the perfect solution – the Whisky Advent Calendar from Drinks by the Dram. Behind each of the 24 doors is a different 3cl sample of delicious whisky. We’ll keep the contents a surprise, but we can tell you that behind one of the doors is a sample of 50 year old Scotch whisky. ”