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Seven Horror Movies That Are Best Viewed Alone In The Dark

When you really want to be scared, some of the best horror movies are better served watching while alone in the dark. The eerie music and creepy sounds found in horror movies can often be more appreciated when watching them alone. Whether you are in the mood for a ghost story, or a slasher film, the movies below are likely to linger with you long after the credits roll.

The Descent

Six female friends are as close as sisters, but when they go on a cave expedition together they learn that they aren’t the only ones crawling around in the dark.

This story doesn’t take long to really get going, and it maintains a level of suspense for nearly 90 minutes that most horror movies only accomplish during their climax. This was one of the most popular horror flicks of 2006 and many consider it one of the scariest of the decade.

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Silent House

A young woman, portrayed by Elizabeth Olsen (Captain America: Civil War), and her father go to the family’s vacation home to get it ready to be sold. While they are there they become trapped in the house and stalked by an evil presence.

Though some were disappointed with the ending of this film, if you watch it alone with the lights off, you will most likely enjoy the suspense and jump-scare moments.


With a perfect score of 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, the site describes why this is one of the best horror movies of 2016.

“In this heart-pounding thriller from acclaimed writer and director Mike Flanagan (Oculus, Before I Wake), silence takes on a terrifying new dimension for a young woman living along in the woods. Author Maddie Young (Kate Siegel) lives a life of utter isolation after losing her hearing as a teenager. She’s retreated from society, living in seclusion and existing in a completely silent world. But one night, the fragile world is shattered when the masked face of a psychotic killer appears in her window.”

Hush is exclusively available on Netflix.


A young couple live in peaceful seclusion in the countryside, but on one fateful night, they are no longer alone.

Filled with terror and suspense from beginning to end, Them makes other home-invasion movies seem like a walk in the park. This French horror flick is considered one of the scariest movies of modern time, and given the premise, it is perfect for watching alone in the dark. Because there is very little dialogue, Them is even great for those that normally skirt movies that rely on subtitles; the film relies on the sounds of the surrounding atmosphere to entice fear.


This unique ghost story has plenty of wit and a couple of laugh-out-loud moments, but that doesn’t take away from the jump-scare tension it also features. IMDB provides the synopsis for one of the best horror movies on Netflix.

“Kylie Bucknell is forced to return to the house she grew up in when the court places her on home detention. Her punishment is made all the more unbearable by the fact she has to live there with her mother Miriam — a well-intentioned blabbermouth who’s convinced that the house is haunted. However, when she too becomes privy to unsettling whispers and strange bumps in the night, she begins to wonder whether she’s inherited her overactive imagination, or if the house is in fact possessed by a hostile spirit who’s less than happy about the new living arrangement.”


For nearly 40 years, this has been regarded as one of the scariest movies of all time; it’s no wonder that John Carpenter is considered one of the masters of horror. Like Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho did back in the ’60s, Halloween helped redefine the horror industry. Though it has many subpar sequels and mediocre reboots, nothing compares to the original featuring Jamie Lee Curtis.

The Den

A young woman is studying the culture of webcam chat users when she witnesses a murder online during her studies. Soon her friends and family become stalked by the psychopathic killer.

This independent gem was one of the scariest films of 2013, and it remains one of the most popular horror movies on Netflix.

best horror movies
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