Amber Rose's boyfriend Val Chmerkovskiy

Where Is Amber Rose’s Boyfriend, Val Chmerkovskiy? Muva Shows Off Other Men On Instagram

Amber Rose and boyfriend Val Chmerkovskiy have been seen recently getting hot and heavy. Rumor has it that Amber and Val are getting very serious after meeting on the set of Dancing With The Stars just a few months ago. So where is Amber Rose’s boyfriend, and who are these other men that she is showing off on Instagram?

Amber recently posed on Instagram with the “Meme King,” known on Instagram as Booty Eater, whose Instagram username is @Supervillain909. Booty Eater has 240,000 Instagram followers. Many of the memes shared on his page are of an adult nature and way too graphic to be shared here.

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Just yesterday, Amber Rose’s meme king posted a picture of Amber on Instagram and captioned the photo, “Definitely gonna drink your pee one day” and followed that up with the hashtag #speakthingsintoexistence. Just hours later, he posted a picture of himself and Muva. Likewise, she shared the same picture on her Instagram as well.

Earlier today, Amber Rose’s Instagram got another infusion of hot men. Muva posted a picture of two very attractive men sitting in a hot tub to social media. The picture of the good looking men was captioned, “Damn the boys on my team are fine af???????????? and single????.”

Damn the boys on my team are fine af ???????????? and single ???? @isaiahjoseph and @calvinopaleye only guys hit those dm's tho #sorryladies ???????????????????? #yourewelcome

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It turns out that Amber was doing a little matchmaking. She did point out that both of the men pictured on her Instagram account are into other men so they probably aren’t trying to steal her away from Val Chmerkovskiy. It hasn’t stopped us from wondering what Amber is up to, though, and where is Val?

Amber Rose has been on vacation in Hawaii, according to the Daily Mail. Amber hit Honolulu on Thursday with plans to make a guest appearance with DJ Tori Brixx and Nick Cannon for the opening of a new club called Encore.

Amber and Val are reportedly getting very serious, with friends of the model-turned-talk show host saying that Muva is treating this new relationship like she really wants it to last. It looks like the pair had to go their own separate ways due to scheduling recently, with Amber heading for Hawaii, while Val recently posting pictures of the Dancing With The Stars tour in Canada where former competitor Calvin Johnson was recently spotted in support of the dancers and the show.

NYC nights ✨????

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Amber recently revealed on her podcast that she and Val Chmerkovskiy have been dating for four months and that they are doing very well. Despite not being together in recent days or in any recent social media pictures, it has been reported that Amber Rose recently met Val’s family in New York. Even though Val is currently on a dance tour with Dancing With The Stars, they are said to speak to each other every day.

As for whether Amber Rose’s boyfriend Val Chmerkovskiy has ever made it onto her social media, the answer is yes. As a matter of fact, Val is the reason that Amber broke her social media hiatus in December after promising that she wouldn’t be back until the new year.

My Love ❤️

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Amber and Val have been showing up pretty often on each other’s Instagram pages, and up until recently, their makeout photos have been common on social media. Anyone who argues that should check out just how many PDA pictures are out there of Amber Rose and Val Chmerkovskiy making out in the few short months that they have been together.

Do you think Amber Rose’s boyfriend Val Chmerkovskiy is the one for her? Tell us what you think of Amber and Val as a couple in the comments section below.

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