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‘Gold Rush’ Star Parker Schnabel Tying The Knot And Adding To His Family? Star Sets The Record Straight

Over the past six years, fans of Gold Rush have been watching the coming of age story of Parker Schnabel and his endearing relationship with his late grandfather John Schanbel. Nearly a year ago, his beloved grandfather passed away, leaving Parker without his gold mining and life mentor.

Currently, Gold Rush is in the midst of Season 7, and Parker is now navigating his work and life without the sage advice of his grandpa. What has Parker been up to lately? How serious is he with his new girlfriend? Is he getting married any time soon? And what about the news that he is adding some new members to his family?

It seems that people want the scoop on how things are going with Ashley Youle, Parker’s girlfriend. She even came up to the Yukon to mine gold with Parker for an entire summer. Talk about true love! He told Maxim that things are going great with the adorable blonde Aussie.

“I have a girlfriend and we’ve been together for 6 months. She spent her summer with me and it was great. It was a lot of fun – and we’re doing really well.”

Most of all, fans want to know if the 22-year-old is getting married anytime soon. Starcasm recently documented Parker’s recent Facebook Live Q&A broadcast. The very first question fans want to know is how things are going with Ashley and if the couple plans on getting married. His answer indicates that things are going strong with his relationship, although there are no permanent plans made right now.

“I’m not getting married anytime soon. I did just spend Christmas and New Years with Ashley over in Australia though. So that was a lot of fun.”

Later, in the Facebook Q&A, the reality star was asked yet again if he was getting married in the near future. His response was a hearty laugh and the monosyllabic grunt “never.”

Not leaving this marriage question behind, later in the session, there was a third marriage question, with a fan surmising if perhaps Parker was going to ask girlfriend Ashley the big question this season or next. Is it possible that Parker could be proposing to Ashley on Gold Rush?

“That’s unlikely, to be honest.”

As he was speaking from Australia, most likely Ashley was around to hear the whole Q&A. What kind of surprise would it be if he announced it on Facebook, before surprising her with a ring and a proper proposal?

But Parker did mention that there may be an addition to his family and chuckled as he spoke about his loyal pup Dozer. Parker is going to be a grandfather!

“There’s a rumor right now…I’m not in Haines, and I haven’t been in Haines for a couple weeks, but I do have a big announcement to make! Possibly, I’m not sure, but Dozer’s been running the streets of Haines, and it looks like we’re going to have some new Schnabel babies coming up. So I think I’m going to be a grandfather, which I’m stoked about.”

Always looking for a profit center, Parker surmises that perhaps he could make a pretty penny on a “celebripup.”

“Maybe we’ll have to auction them off. Make some money off of Dozer’s babies.”

Before fans get too excited excited about owning a Schnabel dog, it appears that any pups born have already been taken, including one for himself. Looks like all of the pups will remain in the Haines area.

“My mom wants one, and I want one, and a bunch of people at my dad’s office there in Haines want some.”

Since Parker does have an Australian girlfriend, it was natural that he was asked if he might mine gold in mineral-rich Australia?

“You know, I wanted to get out to the gold fields in Australia. I didn’t know anybody over there, so I didn’t end up going out and looking at any ground. But, I definitely would have liked to have gone to look at some operations and stuff. I’m always interested to see what people do in other countries. Last winter I spent in New Zealand and went to a bunch of gold mines there, and that was a ton of fun — a really good experience.”

Instead of asking Parker why he didn’t get a replacement for Mitch when he left for his wedding and honeymoon, or why he didn’t talk Mitch into having his wedding before or after the all important gold mining season, people seemed more keen on asking about Parker and his mining team’s work fashion.

People want to know what happened to the “Ugly Kid” sweatshirts Parker sported in the early days.

“That’s been a lot of years back! I haven’t worn an Ugly Kid sweatshirt in about three years I don’t think. The guys that started Ugly Kid Clothing are still my buddies, but I haven’t gotten a sweatshirt from them in a while. “

Then, Parker was asked if Rick gets into trouble for wearing cut off shirts on the job? Maybe this fan thought he should be wearing button down plaid shirts like Parker? Perhaps expecting a question about the rivalry between the friendly competition between his and Rick’s competing mining operations, Parker found that question pretty funny.

“Who would he get in trouble from? I don’t know what that means. I don’t have a dress code at the mine site. [jokingly] Maybe I should. Maybe we should all wear ties at the mine site.”

Then the most pressing question of all, what does Parker like on his pizza? He likes a sweet a spicy trio that may become the next big taste sensation.

“Normally, if I order pizza, it’s a little weird — I get jalapeños, chicken, and pineapple. A bit strange, but it’s a good combo.”

What questions would you like to ask Gold Rush fav, Parker Schnabel? Are you curious to know if he is getting married, or do you want more scoop on Todd Hoffman?

[Featured Image by David Becker/Getty Images for Professional Bull Riders]