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Jerry Seinfeld Politically Incorrect Black Lives Matter Joke: Good Comedy Is Supposed To Be Offensive [Opinion]

The Jerry Seinfeld politically incorrect Black Lives Matter joke ruffled some feathers after the comedian shared it via Twitter on Friday. Seinfeld posted the joke as a reference of promotional nature for his television show Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. The tweet read, “New! Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. Lewis Black. Black’s life matters.”

Lewis Black stand up comedy
Lewis Black gives stand-up performance for SiriusXM subscribers on November 7, 2016 in New York City. [Image by Matthew Eisman/Getty Images]

So what’s the problem here? Taking a movement like Black Lives Matter and making it into a pun is bad, why? It’s a joke, and is to be taken as such, meaning it’s not supposed to be taken seriously. Seinfeld is not saying with this tweet that black lives don’t matter, nor is he insinuating that the Black Lives Matter movement is in any way stupid, bad, or a waste of time.

What I believe Jerry is saying is, “Hey, watch my show because a great, funny guy named Lewis Black is going to be on.” In essence, he’s communicating that it’s worth tuning in to the show because of awesome Lewis Black.

I have my theories for why the Jerry Seinfeld politically incorrect joke angered some people, but let’s go to the tweet’s responses to see what really had folks bothered.

Oh boy. Not only are sensitive social justice warriors mad at Seinfeld, but they’re also bothered enough by Jerry’s politically incorrect joke to boycott the corporation sponsoring Seinfeld’s content.

If you’re anti-political correctness like I am and likewise find this hysteria ridiculous, it might make you feel better to know that with as much backlash as Seinfeld received for this politically incorrect tweet, there were just as many Twitter users praising the Black Lives Matter pun and begging Jerry to keep it up no matter how much scrutiny it got.

What those who got upset over the Jerry Seinfeld politically incorrect joke fail to understand is that truly good, laugh-out-loud comedy is supposed to be offensive. What do you want to bet that the same people skewering Seinfeld for this joke also happen to think Alec Baldwin’s impression of Donald Trump is too hilarious for words? Part of the reason Baldwin’s Trump act entices is because of it’s objectable aspect.

For the record, I’m a Trump supporter and I don’t get angry every time the writers of Saturday Night Live decide to make fun of the new U.S. president. I may not like the message the show is sending regarding Trump, but I still find myself laughing at times because let’s face it, Alec Baldwin’s Trump impersonations are funny, and if they weren’t offensive, people probably wouldn’t be as interested in watching them.

It’s difficult to have comedy without also having provocative content, which is something Jerry Seinfeld has always understood. His politically incorrect Black Lives Matter jab is not his first attack on PC culture, as he has in the past lamented about how political correctness is a threat to comedy.

Jerry can’t stand the fact that telling jokes nowadays is considered taboo by some. When you spend your life telling jokes for a living, as Seinfeld has, and you’re all the sudden faced with a large population of people who are offended by things that don’t even directly impact their lives, it’s easy to see why that would get under your skin.

Some things in life, comedy included, are not supposed to be taken so seriously. The Jerry Seinfeld politically incorrect Black Lives Matter tweet has been taken way too seriously by some, and it’s people like them who are ruining one of life’s most precious joys — the joy of laughter.

The Jerry Seinfeld politically incorrect Black Lives Matter joke is just one of many instances of which leftists have lost their cool in the name of toxic PC culture. When we can no longer make fun of ourselves or share joy by laughing with our fellow man, something is wrong. Comedy is one of the few things in this world that are made better by pushing the boundaries of appropriateness. If you don’t have a sense of humor, it’s past time to get one.

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