Kendall Jenner walks the catwalk

Kendall Jenner Reveals That She Lied To Her Parents and Shows Off Her Bottoms

At one point in time, everyone has faced the burden of lying to someone especially their parents. So, what were Kendall Jenner’s big lies? Parties? Drugs? Alcohol? No, it was a boyfriend! Well, it is easy to imagine that Kendall didn’t have a regular high school experience, due to her constant life in front of the cameras for Keeping Up with the Kardashians reality TV show. Basically, she was watched 24/7, so she decided to do something crazy, that everyone would see right away.

On her personal blog, Kendall Jenner reminisced experiences of her school years with her sister, Kylie Jenner, saying that their parents Caitlyn (at that time it was Bruce) and Kris Jenner never were too controlling to them. She states: “Because my parents weren’t very strict, Ky and I were super responsible. They were OK with it if we went to parties because they knew we weren’t getting into trouble—we never did anything that bad! We could’ve had parties ourselves if we wanted, but we really just didn’t care to.”

Despite the fact, she was home schooled for the majority of her teen years, she still got to experience some of the highlights of high school, including sneaking out at night and hiding her boyfriend. As Kendall said: “The wildest thing I did during that time was fib to my parents about where I was at night. My dad didn’t really know I had a boyfriend!”

Kendall later explained that she was just too scared to confess about her relationship with her boyfriend at the time, to her parents. Well, who could blame her? You wouldn’t want your Olympic champion father to know about your night-outs with boys.

Despite Kendall Jenner’s doubts on informing her parents about her relationship, it didn’t look like they were unsupportive or disapproving of their daughter’s romantic relationships. As Kendall said: “I’m glad my parents trusted me enough to let me have a good high school experience.”

She must not have been afraid to tell her parents anything anymore. As she has become a completely independent woman very quickly in her life. Her recent appearance at Harper’s Bazaar 150 Most Fashionable Women Cocktail Party in Los Angeles definitely proves this statement. She was walking down the red carpet in a black, see-through, lacy dress, with floral patterns, which hardly left anything to the imagination.

Underneath the sheer dress, Kendall wore nude satin bodysuit which barely covered her body, as she showed off her bottoms when posing for photographers at the Harper’s Bazaar magazine party. In an attempt to expose as many body parts as she could, the dress included a thigh slit, which let the 21-years-old model expose her long legs and stylish heels. She accented her outfit with wearing her hair loose around her shoulders and a modest neckless around her neck.

Another interesting point in her life was when she decided that her extremely successful career as a model was not enough for her so she turned her eye to photography. She did a number of photoshoots for LOVE magazine, including taking pictures of her co-star and friend, Kaia Gerber, who is Cindy Crawford’s 15-year-old daughter, to be featured on the pages as well as the cover of the magazine. She later commented on this job: “I have a lot more confidence that comes from the job. Those years from 18 to 21 are the growth years where you really start to find yourself.”

Kendall Jenner also shared her thoughts about her career and being a member of the Kardashian family. She told Telegraph:“I want to be taken seriously. I had to work even harder to get where I wanted because people didn’t take me seriously as a model. Because of the TV show. Because of the Kardashian name.”

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