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Khloe Kardashian Planning Tristan Thompson Engagement — Couple Ready For Marriage?

Khloe Kardashian is thinking about her future with Tristan Thompson, having reportedly assured herself that the basketball player is the one she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

The two have only been dating for a couple of months, but it’s no secret that Khloe has spent most of her time with Tristan since confirming their relationship in August.

In fact, things have gotten so serious between the two that Kardashian has already made the move to purchase a multi-million dollar home in Cleveland to be closer to her man, who she says has become the love of her life.

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Having dealt with endless heartbreak over the years, sources say that Khloe is finally at peace in her relationship with Tristan. They have been inseparable since first announcing their relationship, and now that Khloe Kardashian has a home nearby, the couple wants to progress and take the next step, starting with their engagement plans.

“Khloe says things are serious,” a source tells People. “She spends more time with Tristan in Cleveland than in L.A. Khloe is doing great. She is very excited about her relationship with Tristan.”

The source would go on to add, “She of course thinking about the future. She hopes their relationship will have a future. Tristan makes her very happy.”

It’s even said that the only time Khloe Kardashian returns to her home in Calabasas is when she has to deal with the family business, but other than that, she’s always in Cleveland with her man.

Marriage and children are definitely something Kardashian and her man have discussed before, and since Khloe has always wanted to start a family of her own, knowing where she stood with Tristan regarding their future together was very important.

Fortunately for her, the NBA player is on the same page as Khloe, Hollywood Life adds. Now that they have spent the last couple of months together, their love for one another hasn’t changed one bit. In fact, even when the 32-year-old has to leave Tristan for a couple of days for work duties, Thompson reportedly can’t wait to be reunited with her.

Speaking about Tristan Thompson in an interview earlier this month, Khloe Kardashian revealed, “At this moment, a few days into 2017, I feel incredibly clear and probably the happiest I’ve been in years.”

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“It’s such a great feeling that I have my happy back! It’s from a genuine place and the most peaceful place I’ve been in for longer than I can even remember.”

According to insiders, Khloe’s family is extremely happy for her, having welcomed Tristan Thompson with open arms. They’ve seen how the TV star lights up in his presence, and Kris Jenner, in particular, couldn’t be more excited for her daughter after the rough year she faced in 2016.

Having tried to make things right with Lamar Odom and potentially reconcile with the disgraced athlete following his overdose scare in October 2015, Khloe was devastated when she learned that her ex-husband had relapsed.

Kardashian invested so much time in helping him make a tremendous recovery, only to learn that Lamar was secretly drinking himself to death, with insiders further claiming that drugs had also been seen at Lamar’s home by worried friends.

Khloe Kardashian went on to make the move and finalize her divorce, making it known that she needed to move on with her life, and that’s exactly what she did. The TV star couldn’t be happier being with Tristan, who she’s now actively planning her future with.

No word on when Kardashian and her beau plan to move ahead with an engagement, but sources say it’s bound to happen sooner than later.

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