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Kim Kardashian No Sex Policy: Kanye West Divorce Allegedly Moving Forward, Marriage Over?

Kim Kardashian has reportedly stopped having sex with Kanye West, strongly hinting that she’s gearing up to divorce her husband of two years, it has been alleged.

Kim, who has been through hell and back after having dealt with the traumatic robbery ordeal in Paris just three months ago, seems to have fallen out of love with the father-of-two, reportedly being very distant to the idea of being intimate with West.

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian and Kanye have faced endless problems in their marriage lately, which all started with the Paris robbery incident and quickly followed with the rapper’s sudden hospitalization.

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Reports claimed that Kanye suffered a meltdown and was held against his will at the UCLA Medical Center, with close pals fearing that the music mogul could potentially hurt those around him, branding him as a threat to society.

At the time, Kim Kardashian was still recovering from the ordeal in Paris, so having to be a supportive figure for West while raising two children seemed to have overwhelmed the 36-year-old in more ways than one.

Radar Online now seems to insinuate that all of the obstacles that Kim and Kanye have faced in recent months strongly influenced Kardashian’s sudden decision to become so distant to her husband when it comes to sex.

When West confronts Kim about it, she allegedly responds, saying that Kanye is the one who’s not trying hard enough to get her in the mood, which sources say is just an excuse that Kim Kardashian comes up with in order to avoid a nasty showdown with the “Good Life” hitmaker.

An insider close to the alleged situation explains, “Kim is not having sex with Kanye right now and he is constantly complaining about how she is never affectionate with him. When Kanye questions why she doesn’t want to sleep with him anymore, she tells him that it is his fault that he does not try!”

“It seemed to some in her inner circle that Kim Kardashian wanted Kanye for what he could do for her career. And now she treats him like crap. It almost seems like she thinks that it does not matter what she does because he will stick by her no matter what.”

The insider concludes by stressing that Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Kanye is going to end up badly if she doesn’t compromise to her husband’s needs, especially now that her relationship is hitting several rough patches, as revealed by Us Weekly.

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Sources familiar with the drama concerning Kim and Kanye’s romance say that Kardashian is determined to make the marriage last — after all, the duo shares two children together, Saint and North West.

But if Kim is going to continue being somewhat stubborn and doesn’t attend to the needs of her partner, she’ll evidently find herself with no other option but to file for divorce — unless Kanye files the papers first, of course.

News of Kim Kardashian’s alleged decision to refrain from sex with Kanye comes just two weeks after the E! network confirmed the return of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

The forthcoming series, which will heavily focus its attention on the TV personality’s robbery scandal, is set to premiere on March 13, Bustle reports, with insiders adding that Kanye’s meltdown will also be showcased for fans to watch.

With the return of KUWTK, are you looking forward to seeing how Kim Kardashian and Kanye dealt with the Paris ordeal in the aftermath of such a horrific attack? Furthermore, what do you make of the reality star’s supposed decision to abstain from sex with her husband?

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