'The Walking Dead' Star Outlines Season 7B For Fans

‘The Walking Dead’ Star Outlines Season 7B For Fans [Spoilers]

The Walking Dead Season 7B is coming back in a little over two weeks, but fans get a peek behind the curtain with TWD star Danai Gurira. But what many fans of The Walking Dead may not realize is that filming the season can be just as emotional as seeing it on TV.

That is why Danai Gurira was the perfect person to give us what we all would like to hear about Season 7B of The Walking Dead, as reported by Entertainment Weekly. What everyone needs to remember is that Michonne, Rick, Daryl are real people in the form of Gurira, Andrew Lincoln, and Norman Reedus, among others, on The Walking Dead.

So for the whole core of actors on The Walking Dead, which includes the five originals from Season 1 (Morgan included) and the others that have been added along the way, there is a certain amount of emotional attachment they have to everyone on the set that really hits home when they finally get to end up filming together again.

“It was very emotional, even the scene we shot when we all reunited at Hilltop [on Season 7A of The Walking Dead],” Danai Gurira told Entertainment Weekly. “It was very emotional to reconnect and have that bond and be reunited and stepping into a new time — like, we have not been broken, and we will carry on, and we are who we are, and we’ll carry on in honor of those we have lost and in honor of really our true nature, which is to rise up and to not step back.”

But the emotional reunion for The Walking Dead actors will pale in comparison to what is about to happen on Season 7B of TWD, which will have some fans cheering and others taking a sigh of relief.

“You’re watching a severe post-traumatic time period, and it’s going to be a time of struggle and of brokenness and that’s what happens [on Season 7A of The Walking Dead],” Danai Gurira told Entertainment Weekly. “But the beauty is that there is that arc in the second half [of Season 7 of The Walking Dead] where you’re seeing different forms of resistance emerging. Everyone’s handling it differently. They’re all handling their traumas very specifically, and then you’re not sure, and I think that’s great in the storytelling that you’re not sure how it could possibly all come together for them to actually rise up, and it does. So, to me, I thought that was a very rich thing to see: What are the repercussions of trauma on very specific individuals? How do you dismantle a community and then see it come back together?”

But fans should remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will Alexandria on Season 7B of The Walking Dead. Given that the AMC TV show follows The Walking Dead comic books as canon, and actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan has signed on for more than one season, you will not see Rick and the core group killing him anytime soon.

As a matter of fact, The Walking Dead will soon feature The Whisperers on the show, and Negan has a major impact on that whole situation as well in the TWD comic books. The real question here is, just how are they going to break loose of Negan’s grip, eliminate him as a threat, if they don’t kill him?

“We are who we have lost through trying to figure how to deal with this very, very unquestionably daunting force that’s working against us, but our spirit is reignited [in Season 7B of The Walking Dead] through that community and that union,” Danai Gurira told Entertainment Weekly. “So it really is seeing that come to pass in the second half [of Season 7] and seeing them re-congeal almost as who they are, returning to who they are, and Rick returning to who he is allows everybody to do the same.”

The Walking Dead Season 7B returns to AMC on February 12.

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