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Amber Finney: Police In Ohio Hunt For Woman Who Performed Sex Act On Dog In Disturbing Viral Video

A female Warren resident is the first person to be charged under the city’s recently-instated bestiality law.

The Ohio state police sought out 33-year-old Amber Finney for questioning earlier this week after a viral video of Finney purportedly engaging in a sex act with a canine was first sent to Youngstown news network WKBN-27 on Tuesday, January 24.

After first using the visual for a segment on Finney during that night’s telecast, WKBN employees then sent a copy of the tape over to the OSP, who pinpointed Amber Finney’s identity and location through past arrest records.

In an interview by telephone with Detective Nick Carney, Finney claimed that the actions portrayed in the video were faked in order to create a viral moment, but Carney clearly thinks otherwise.

“She says it’s fake, but it is not fake,” he stated to The Vindicator.

“It’s clear as day. It’s [a] real video.”

Finney also stated that she was unavailable to be questioned in person due to being out-of-town on personal matters. A warrant has since been filed for her arrest and she is said to be turning herself in sometime early next week.

Beginning last summer, bestiality was made to be a punishable offense for the first time in Warren thanks to the case of Salvatore Rendon, a 61-year-old man whom investigators say carried on a sexual relationship with two dogs over the past six years. Because no laws were in place at that time, Rendon ultimately was made to serve a 90-day jail sentence, 60 of which were suspended, and only hit with minimal animal abuse charges.

In recent history, yet another resident of Warren, a 16-year-old boy, also admitted his own act of bestiality with a dog to law officers. Unlike Rendon or Amber Finney, however, he was unable to be properly charged due to his age and the then non-existent regulation. In a ironic mention, Finney is said to live several doors down from where the previously accused Rendon currently resides.

Over the past few months, sexual crimes against animals have turned up consistently within the daily news cycle. For example, earlier in January, as reported by the Inquisitr, a Florida man was seized by law enforcement after a relative of his witnessed him raping his family’s dog more than 100 times over a three-year span.

Pensacola native Bradley Jean Hubbard, 23, was subsequently charged with engaging in sexual conduct with an animal and causing death, pain, or suffering to an animal after a veterinarian’s examination of Hubbard’s pit bull, Baby Girl, uncovered damage to the dog’s vaginal area, as well as traces of Hubbard’s sperm. Even worse, the innocent animal had seemed to resign to being nothing more than Hubbard’s sexual plaything.

“The witness told police that initially [Baby Girl] would whimper in pain during the incidents,” the Denver Channel noted of the situation, “but eventually stopped making noises as [Hubbard’s] attacks grew more frequent.”

Hubbard’s first court date for the matter is said to be taking place on February 3.

Last October, another individual, Wilmington, Delaware, resident Sisto Michael Fea, was also hit with several charges related to animal abuse after a neighbor witnessed him having full-on intercourse with his pet collie out on his front lawn.

When the dog, Lola, resisted his advances, the 24-year-old reportedly dropped the dog on the concrete, kicked its body, and then returned to his house for several moments before coming back outside and continuing to rape her. As of last October, Fea was unable to come up with the $25,000 needed for his release.

If Amber Finney is found guilty for her crime, she could be jailed for up to six months and will be forced to pay a $1,000 fine.

[Featured Image by Ohio State Patrol]