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WWE Rumors: Finn Balor Cleared To Wrestle At The Royal Rumble, But Will Roman Reigns Win It All?

We’re just two days away from the Royal Rumble, and needless to say, the WWE rumors mill is in overdrive.

So, let’s get right to it.

First, according to the latest WWE rumors from CBS, while they don’t believe that Roman Reigns will be a two-time winner of the Royal Rumble (we’ll recall that he won the 2015 Royal Rumble), they do believe that he will take home the Universal Championship title from Kevin Owens.

While it will certainly be interesting to see how the drama between Owens and Reigns will play out at the match — remember, unlike in previous matches, Chris Jericho is not allowed to interfere, so he will be hanging from the top of the ring in a steel cage (which, frankly, will be hilarious to watch) — there’s no question that the bromance between Owens and Jericho won’t last much longer, especially if the prediction comes true, and Reigns snatches the title from Owens. We, like CBS, can see how it’s going to play out. Reigns snatches the title, Owens gets mad at Jericho for not stepping in, Jericho points out that he was in a cage, and the bromance is over while a whole new rivalry plays out.

Meanwhile, some of the most exciting WWE rumors are coming from WhatCulture, and they specifically revolve around the return of Finn Balor.

As fans of wrestling undoubtedly know, Finn Balor was sidelined by a freak shoulder injury about six months ago, and fans have been awaiting the return of the first-ever Universal champion ever since.

Now, the word is that Balor is undergoing medical testing this week, and if he’s good to go, there’s no reason that he can’t fight in the Royal Rumble this weekend. Since Balor is set to fight The Undertaker at WrestleMania, this bit of news should leave fans extremely excited for this weekend!

But doctors for the fighter are cautioning fans that they needn’t jump to happy conclusions quite yet.

“Dr. Jeffrey Dugas said that the injury was ‘more severe than normal’ and ‘it did more damage than a standard shoulder dislocation where you simply tear the labrum.’ That news raised questions about when Balor would return, and more recently, it was estimated that he was targeting early March for a comeback.”

Finally, ESPN’s latest round of WWE rumors have one simple request; no more talking, just bring on the Royal Rumble. It’s bad enough, they said, that James Ellsworth had to have his own fashion segment to promote the Royal Rumble (really, WWE? REALLY?), and it’s bad enough that WWE creative switched up the Royal Rumble lineup again (this time to include a three-way match between Goldberg, Brock Lesnar, and The Undertaker — which, while pretty cool, is hardly necessary).

Just get on with it, says ESPN, because it’s all one big promotion for WrestleMania anyway.

“At a certain point, raining that much fire down upon someone without giving them a chance to respond is seemingly deserving of some repercussions (see Cena’s WrestleMania embarrassment against The Rock as a prime example). Cena is likely going to get world title reign No. 16 (as well as No. 17) somewhere down the line, but this segment certainly did its job in both selling the pay-per-view and throwing the result into a more uncertain state.”

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