NBA Trade Rumors: Carmelo Anthony To The Los Angeles Clippers?

Are the Los Angeles Clippers closing in on putting together a trade package for New York Knicks‘ star Carmelo Anthony? If the Clippers do make the Knicks an offer for Anthony, chances are great that neither of their top three players will be involved.

Surprisingly enough, the Los Angeles Clippers can still be able to put together a solid offer for the New York Knicks. But will Carmelo Anthony waive his no-trade clause to join the Clippers or any other NBA team?

Carmelo Anthony would likely have been traded sooner had Knicks’ president Phil Jackson had his way. What has held things up is the fact that Anthony is one of just a handful of NBA players with a no-trade clause in his contract. Prior to a couple of months ago, Carmelo Anthony would never have considered accepting a trade. That changed just a week ago.

Carmelo Anthony has told reporters that if the New York Knicks do not want him, he would waive his no-trade clause (courtesy of Newsday).

“I think it will be more on the front office. I have the power, but still I would talk to them. We would be in communication if they feel like they want to go in a different direction, they want to start rebuilding for the future. If they tell me they want to scrap this whole thing, yeah, I have to consider it.”

Envisioning Carmelo Anthony playing for another team besides the Knicks is difficult to stomach. But what is even harder to fathom are the reports that the Knicks are actively shopping their marquee player.

One of the teams the Knicks have contacted, according to Yahoo Sports‘ Adrian Wojnarowski, is the Boston Celtics.

The actual odds of Carmelo Anthony approving a trade to the Celtics are slim, but for the Los Angeles Clippers it could be a different story.

The Clippers are another team whom the Knicks have reached out to. It must be noted that the Clippers are one of the NBA teams rumored as a preference for Carmelo Anthony. If the Knicks want to take a trade package for him, the names Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, and DeAndre Jordan will not be included, according to Frank Isola of the New York Daily News.

A trade can still be made by the Los Angeles Clippers, who would be forced to be creative. What the Clippers can put together for a Carmelo Anthony trade would have to center around guards J.J. Redick or Jamal Crawford. If the Clippers can pitch to the Knicks a deal consisting of Crawford or Redick, Wesley Johnson, Brice Johnson, and draft picks, a deal could be reached.

In a likely scenario, the New York Knicks could insist on the Clippers giving up Austin Rivers. That would create a quandary for Clippers’ head coach Doc Rivers, who would be faced with the possibility of trading his son. The previously mentioned package featuring Crawford or Redick may be enough for the Knicks, who seem fine with the prospects of not getting a star player (courtesy of ESPN) for Carmelo Anthony.

If the Los Angeles Clippers do not have to trade any of their top players, there would be few reasons for Carmelo Anthony to say no to a deal. The only hesitation from his part could be the prospects of leaving the comforts of New York City.

Uprooting his family from the community they call home would be difficult. Conversely, a chance to play for the NBA title can be a perfect cure-all.

Carmelo Anthony being added to a mix which would include Griffin, Jordan, and Paul could be enough to at least get the Clippers to the Western Conference Finals. Without Anthony, the Clippers were regarded as one of the biggest threats to the Golden State Warriors championship plans. Carmelo Anthony would fill the void of another scorer, one who plays at the small forward spot.

Before anything takes place, both the Los Angeles Clippers and New York Knicks have to agree to terms on a swap. Afterwards, the onus will be on Carmelo Anthony to determine whether or not he wants a chance at a title.

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