'White House Leak' Twitter Account Shut Down - Version 2.0 Pops Up At 'Trump Admin Leaks' And 'White House Leaks'

‘White House Leak’ Twitter Account Shut Down — Version 2.0 Pops Up At ‘Trump Admin Leaks’ And #WhiteHouseLeaks

If you’re ready for a fascinating read of what could be going on behind the scenes in the White House under the watch of President Donald Trump, the Twitter account called “White House Leak” — originally found on Twitter @WhiteHouseLeak under the name “Whistler Blower” — has made for a fascinating read.

The person behind the original @WhiteHouseLeak account claimed to be a mid-level White House staffer who was a disillusioned and demoralized Republican who couldn’t believe what the White House leaker signed up for under the Trump administration. With a location of Washington, D.C., the person writing the Twitter account tagged @realDonaldTrump in their Twitter tweets and in their Twitter description — one of the reasons a new White House leaks account is claiming that the original White House leak Twitter account was shut down.

Trump admin leaks
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As reported by the Washington Post, the leaks coming out of the White House do not paint a favorable image of Mr. Trump. Instead, President Trump is cast as a man obsessed with proving there was voter fraud so that he can claim he won the popular vote in the presidential election instead of Hillary Clinton. The “White House Leak” Twitter account also claimed that Mr. Trump was considering replacing Sean Spicer with Omarosa Manigault in the position of press secretary. According to Gizmodo, Spicer may have accidentally tweeted his password twice in recent days. But back to the interesting “White House Leaks” Twitter account.

If what the “White House Leak” Twitter account wrote was true, Mr. Trump wanted literal pats on the back for the Dow hitting 20,000 and proved to be in an impetuous mood after only getting four hours of sleep in the wake of the inauguration. The account also claimed that Mr. Trump didn’t care that much about abortion, since it didn’t have an effect on him. However, the heat was on for the “White House Leak” account, according to the Twitter account holder, because they wrote that they believe the White House was aware of the account. Before long, the account allegedly leaking White House information about Mr. Trump’s antics was shut down.

White House leaks
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But in its wake, at least two other accounts claiming to leak information directly from the White House have sprung up. There’s the White House Leaks Twitter account, with “leaks” pluralized, found on Twitter @WhitehouseLeaks. However, some folks are commenting that it looks like a copycat account and not the real deal, written by the original “White House Leak” Twitter account writer. Folks have noticed a difference in writing styles, coupled with the fact that the “White House Leaks” Twitter account writer wrote “should of” instead of “should have.”

Then there’s the White House Leaks Twitter account found @TrumpAdminLeaks, with the person reiterating that they are not the original “White House Leak” writer. However, if that “White House Leaks” Twitter account is real (they, too, have a Washington, D.C. location on Twitter), the things they are tweeting are truly shocking. One recent tweet claims Mr. Trump is planning to strip resources for the South Dakota Badlands National Park due to the tweets about climate change and might even reduce the size of the national park.

Another tweet from the same account claims that Mr. Trump wants to work with publications that will sell the story that President Trump’s first week was the most productive week ever.

As seen in the featured photo above, President Trump pointed towards reporters as Mr. Trump sat at his desk on Air Force One upon arriving at Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland, Thursday, January 26. Daily Kos published screenshots of all the deleted “White House Leak” tweets.

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