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Romney Cuts Credit Cards Of Staffers Before The Cab Ride Home [Report]

mitt romney campaign credit cards

Mitt Romney’s staffers reportedly got an unpleasant shock directly after learning their candidate did not, as expected, win the election on Tuesday night and snag the role of President — one disgruntled campaigner from the Romney’s team said campaign staff credit cards were canceled before they could even pay for their sad cab rides home.

The story of Mitt Romney’s staffers and their cut off credit cards is one that (contrasted with what is said to have been a Romney “shellshocked” at the loss he didn’t expect) seems to be an extra bit of poor sportsmanship on the part of a man said to be so certain he’d win that he didn’t write a concession speech.

The anecdote about Mitt Romney cutting staffers credit cards comes from an anonymous Romney staffer who spoke to NBC for a piece titled “The last days of Romneyland,” detailing what the network describes as an “overly rosy” outlook within a campaign that refused to see the writing on the wall.

What the tale reports on Mitt Romney’s hardworking staff and their experience heading home after dedicating blood, sweat and tears to what became a stunning loss perhaps jives with the more unpleasant assumptions held about the GOP candidate overall — mainly that he is known for viewing the little guy as dispensable once the help is no longer needed:

“From the moment Mitt Romney stepped off stage Tuesday night, having just delivered a brief concession speech he wrote only that evening, the massive infrastructure surrounding his campaign quickly began to disassemble itself … Aides taking cabs home late that night got rude awakenings when they found the credit cards linked to the campaign no longer worked.”

Mitt Romney may have cut off the credit cards of staffers or the story could just be the work of a frustrated former campaign aide, but if it did go down like that, it seems to show that as soon as Romney absorbed his loss, his first thought was to cut his losses and let staffers find their own ways home.

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57 Responses to “Romney Cuts Credit Cards Of Staffers Before The Cab Ride Home [Report]”

  1. Michael Mahoney

    I hope all of Romneys supporters see this as who Romney really is and who their Republican leaders are.

  2. Brian Blair

    They didn't even vet the story! This could be total bs. Which is why the article says he "may" have canceled the cards.

  3. Gregory Bolen

    I despise Mitt Romney just as much as the next guy but even if this story is true, I would guess that the cancelling of credit cards is something that would have been handled by the campaign's top finance manager, not by Romney personally. Still, it reflects the same uncaring ingratitude that I detect in Romney himself.

  4. Anonymous

    they still had their thumbs, just hitch a ride home, its how the other 47% get around when they have no cash.

  5. Casey Stadler

    If these were campaign cards, how do you know they weren't set up with the companies to be deactivated at say…. midnight on Nov. 6th since that is Election day? Do all workers just get to keep those cards and keep charging on them forever? I highly doubt it. Seems like there is a lot of details missing and this story hasn't even been proven so stop getting your panties in a bunch.

  6. Anthony Elmer

    Exactly we all watched bruster millions when the clock strikes midnight it all went away. The SS also stopped watching the Romney and Ryan family as well. I think it has to do with the way the law is written and i bet it was the campaign finance manager. I just doubt they explained it as well as they could. I do not know but doesnt seem to be a huge story the end of a presidential run has to be very messy for the loser. Just look at Hillary Clinton she was still millions in debt after her run for the white house.

    Sad but in the big picture who cares this country is in big big financial troubles. Way way too many people think it is ok to get free stuff. I listened to people at the Obama victory speech and many of the youth were happy because they can go to college now for free. The seniors where happy because they will not lose their SS or medicare, they think paying in should give you free money the rest of your life most seniors will end up with 3 times what they paid into the system. Yet all of this burden is falling on the newest generation who isn't even able to vote yet. They are screwed because Gen Y thinks everything should be handed to them and we shouldn't worry since we have checks in the check book and a credit card.

    Everyone watch California they have a democrat super majority republicans can do nothing in that state but watch the show. Lets see if they pull it together or if the totally go over the cliff. CA has never had unemployment of 10% until Obama took over now they have had over 10% every single year. So if you think democrats do so well at the budget just watch California they will show us the future without republicans.

  7. Casey Stadler

    I completely agree with you Anthony! Just because there are checks in the check book and a credit card in your pocket doesn't mean there is money in the bank. Sad to say but spending money when there is none has it's consequences.

  8. Rod Burkholz

    Dude. Of course not. Maybe give them 24 hrs just so they can tie up loose ends and make it home. Most of the volunteer staffers did this full time. They didn't have jobs. Many we're likely students. Their own wallets were most likely empty because they put everything they had into trying to get this giant turd douche bag elected …and this is a collective 'fuck you for all your hard work' trying to get me elected. Pay your own shit now, right? His camp could've just let them get home. Pay for meals for supporters. Whatever. The stories coming out from ex staffers implies this was totally unexpected. I mean, if they would've announced that the cards would expire at midnight election night an they were expecting this, this would be a non story. This story implies that they expected to win and they wouldn't have cared about the cards. It means someone in the campaign got really disappointed at the result and probably out of frustration thought, "welp, fuck, we lost. All those Multi millions down the drain. Why are we still paying for shit? …or, someone's gonna have to pay for this shit. What do they think, this is all for free?" So they cut off their own assholes to try and cut their losses. But after throwing many, many millions on ads and such, what's another, say, $100k for cabs, plane tix, dinner bills to let their ppl tie up loose ends. They're gonna take it in the ass regardless. Might as well be classy about it.

  9. Keith Blackwell

    Well, hopefully the right will set their unreasonable greed aside an grab a dose of rational. They would say, raising taxes on the rich wouldn't help much. Well every "little bit" will help.

  10. Tom Ferris

    Most of us already knew Romney was just interested in himself, he does not care about normal people. That is why I did not vote for him, and why he lost the electikon.

  11. Linda Thompson

    I agree Brian. I read a different story that Romney took good care of his campaign workers. Course libatards don't want to hear anything else.

  12. Bob Leahy

    Greg, you are a product of the liberal media. Uncaring is the last thing Romney is. Have you ever looked into what he gives to charity? He is an example for the rest of us, well that is if you don't belong to the Vote Yourself Other People's Money Democrat party.

  13. Gregory Bolen

    Rex and Bob, I was going to write a response to your comments but I'm sure that you will mock anything I say at this point so I will save my time. Believe whatever you want, you will anyhow.

  14. Julian Allen

    Bob Leahy – you mean to Mormon church? they are supposed to tithe its the rules. most of this goes to the expansion of the church. Unlike Catholic charities who help the poor. Don't forget this guy paid a paltry 14% income tax

  15. Julian Allen

    Rex Portmann – you are a stupid ass. you would elect an idiot like Romney. Obama is rebuilding the mess
    your last idiot made. Even the Texas Rangers haven't recovered from Bush's incompetentcy

  16. Gregory Bolen

    No, of course not, but was it really necessary to stop them so abruptly and without informing the people who were using them? A little notification in advance would have been a nice courtesy for those who worked so hard on his campaign. I guess I don't understand Romney's personal standards of etiquette. A penny saved is apparently far more important than any form of graciousness or courtesy. Say what you want but it's an utterly cheapskate move.

  17. Gregory Bolen

    Linda Thompson, can you find that story to share it with us via a link? Not to sound overly contentious, but I hope you can find a moment to share it here because undocumented claims by strangers on the internet aren't worth the electrons that it takes to post them.

  18. Richard Pastor

    Bob Leahy YOUR a dumb ass Romney donates him money to the Mormon church and to himself… This Mitt the Twit is a lying sack of shit and will get no sorrow from me so kiss his ass if you want… I bet That IDIOT wouldn't give you a dime… he couldn't even give his staff people a ride home what does that tell you, open your eyes you are going too see the real Romney in the next few days, A LYING CRYING ASS…

  19. Virginia Paglialunga

    Romney gives to charity some of the money he gets in tax deductions and from his low tax rates he pays on the money he makes from busting up companies and firing people. what a legacy.

  20. Edwintex Tex

    You are right Gregory, save your energy, but i wouldn't. Rex you are inmature to insult so one for expressing his view. As for Bob, the money Romney gave to charity was for publicity. There are many reasons to prove that, but i will let you do your research. On the issue of illigal immigants working in America, Romney said on fox news that he fired a compay that took care of his lawn because this company hired illigal immigrants and he even went further to say this company had been taking care of his lawn for the past 5yrs, "and i didn't want liberals to acuse him of encouraging illigal immigration."It is obvious that part of the reason he refused to release his tax returns for the last 5yrs was because he never donate that much to charity.

  21. Edwintex Tex

    Casey Stadler do you mean Americans stop donating to his campaign as soon as they fought out that he lost. You guys talk alot about been financially resposible, if Romney's camp was smart enough financially as they claimed to be, they could have avoid this by planning ahead instead of fustratting unemployed Americans who devoted they time and energy to work for him.

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