Lala Kent at Junior Hollywood Radio And Television Society's 13th Annual Holiday Party

Lala Kent Enjoys ‘Date Night,’ Gets Hounded About Her Allegedly Married Boyfriend Randall And Chad Johnson

Lala Kent has been facing rumors, which she claims are false, of having a married boyfriend for months.

Since Lala Kent failed to share the identity of her mystery man on Vanderpump Rules, several of her co-stars, including Scheana Marie Shay, Stassi Schroeder, Kristen Doute and Jax Taylor, claimed the man, who they also failed to identify, was married. As a result, rumors of his possible identity have been swirling.

Following a number of online reports claiming Randall Emmett may be secretly dating Lala Kent, the reality star once again sparked rumors of her romance.

“Date night,” Lala Kent wrote on Instagram on January 25 along with a photo of herself lighting what may have been a hand-rolled cigarette or joint.

In the comments section of the photo, some of Lala Kent’s fans and followers mentioned the possibility of her mystery man being former NFL star Chad Johnson, aka Ochocinco. However, according to his Instagram account, he was in Miami at the time.

Lala Kent at the Junior Hollywood Radio and Television Society's 13th Annual Holiday Party
Lala Kent at the Junior Hollywood Radio and Television Society’s 13th Annual Holiday Party on December 9, 2015.
[Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]

Other social media users have sent comments to Lala Kent about her allegedly married boyfriend, but all the while, she has denied being anyone’s “other woman.” Meanwhile, Schroeder and Doute have both mentioned a man named Randall in recent tweets.

Weeks ago, after being tied to a story regarding Lala Kent’s recent visit to SUR Restaurant, where she used to work as a hostess, Kristen Doute tweeted to Kent and requested that Randall’s team stop contacting her. A short time before that, Schroeder told Lala Kent to give Randall a hug for her.

Randall Emmett is currently married to actress Ambyr Childers and has not addressed the rumors regarding his possible ties to Lala Kent, either romantic or otherwise. That said, several outlets online, including Reddit, have posted photo clues of their potential relationship.

A couple of weeks ago, a Reddit post suggested there was a rumor claiming Lala Kent recently landed a role in an upcoming Nicolas Cage movie by allegedly sleeping with a producer, and ironically, Emmett, a movie producer, has been confirmed to be involved in the film in some way. In addition, a photo of Lala Kent and Randall Emmett together at Mr. Chow in January 2016 was shared on Instagram around the time Kent allegedly began dating her mystery boyfriend.

Lala Kent did share a photo of herself and her man on her own page, but after her fans and followers mentioned his bracelets, which reportedly looked identical to bracelets seen in Emmett’s photos, she deleted the post.

Lala Kent attends the 'Brain Change' art exhibition
Lala Kent attended the ‘Brain Change’ art exhibition on November 17, 2015. [Image by Rochelle Brodin/Getty Images]

After denying the married boyfriend claims for months, Lala Kent spoke out during an appearance on Keven Undergaro’s Podcast series, The Tomorrow Show, and claimed her boyfriend was actually a professional athlete who didn’t want to taint his career by appearing on a reality show.

“He has a lot of endorsement deals, and a lot of things that, I’m sorry… he’s not going to screw up to appear on Vanderpump Rules,” she explained, via Perez Hilton.

She also confirmed that at least one of her co-stars had met her mystery man.

“James knows, yeah… They have met,” she said of James Kennedy. “It was funny because James and I have hooked up before, so my guy kind of teased him about it. My man gets nervous when I go with him by myself — when I go with James, yeah — Because, we hooked up before, so I think he thinks that that would continue. But it would never. Because, it happened once and never happened again. So, clearly it wasn’t as great as we both thought it would be.”

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