‘The Librarians’ Renewed For Another Season Of Mystical Fun And Adventure

Season 3 just wrapped up, and The Librarians posted to their Facebook page that the popular series has just been renewed. Head Librarian Flynn Carson (Noah Wylie), Eve Baird (Rebecca Romijn), and the rest of the team will be returning as the protectors and caretakers of all things magic.

On previous seasons of The Librarians, outside forces have tried several times to take control of the Library, where powerful and dangerous magical artifacts are kept. Deadline Hollywood shared that Flynn is one of the longest surviving librarians, but he is used to working alone. When the Library decided to choose a new guardian and added three new librarians, Flynn has had some difficulty adjusting to the new dynamics, but over time he has slowly began to come around on The Librarians.

The third season of The Librarians was fast-paced and filled with plenty of magic and mayhem. The team had to call upon everything they learned and more in order to continue finding and retrieving artifacts, while at the same time trying to fend of those who stood in their way. Monsters and Critics shared that the third season introduced Apep (Amin El Gamal), the Egyptian God of Chaos, who wanted to destroy the world. After being defeated by the first Librarian, Judson (Bob Newhart), and his Guardian, Charlene (Jane Curtin), Apep was mysteriously resurrected. While trying to stop him, the librarians find themselves in the cross-hairs of a new secret government agency.

Eve Baird is a former NATO agent, which played into last season’s story line of The Librarians. The Department of Statistical Anomalies (DOSA), headed by General Cynthia Rockwell (Vanessa Williams) insisted that Eve help them take over the library and everything inside, including Jenkins (John Larroquette) who serves as the caretaker for the library. In a surprising move she agrees to the plan, and when the other librarians discover what she’s done they feel betrayed, but Eve knows exactly what she’s doing.

As Guardian of the Librarians, it is Eve’s job to train and protect them, and over the previous seasons they haven’t made it easy for her. Toward the end of Season 3 of The Librarians, they were beginning to discover more about who they were and what they were capable of, and what they discovered makes for a promising new season.

The other librarians include Ezekiel Jones (John Kim), Cassandra Cillian (Lindy Booth), and Jacob Stone (Christian Kane). Each has their own interesting back story, which often figures prominently into what they can do as librarians. Ezekiel is funny and quirky, and thinks of himself as an “international man of mystery” and a “master of technologies.” In reality, he is a professional thief and working with a team has been a learning curve for him.

Jacob has a love of art history and architecture, and hid his genius IQ of 190 from both family and friends. He seems to be the most grounded of all the librarians and takes his responsibilities seriously. He’s also developed into quite the team player, helping the others develop their talents as librarians.

Cassandra is a gifted mathematician who has been battling a deadly brain tumor and was afraid that if it was removed, she would lose her auditory and sensory hallucinations that have helped the team many times. Last season, she had no choice and after the rumor is removed, she discovers that instead of being diminished, her abilities are enhanced dramatically.

Now that the team is coming together and finding out exactly what they can do, the next season of The Librarians should be full of even more spellbinding adventures and magical problems to work through. Are you a fan of The Librarians? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions concerning The Librarians below. If you missed Season 3, all episodes are available on TNT’s The Librarians page.

[Featured Image by TNT]