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WWE News: Jim Ross Gives Praise To Royal Rumble Hype On ‘WWE Raw’

As the Royal Rumble approaches, predictions are going to roll in about who will win the historic match. Any WWE superstar has a chance this Sunday, which makes it one of the more exciting Royal Rumble matches in recent memory. The last few years had its fair share of unpredictability up until the writing was written on the proverbial wall. Leading to WrestleMania 30, Batista was making his immaculate return to the WWE. After departing the company years before that Royal Rumble, his relationship with the WWE was subpar.

He entered the Royal Rumble and proceeded to win in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The WWE Universe sounded off with their opinion, and it nearly ruined the entire evening. WWE officials were furious in their reaction, but it was something that couldn’t be avoided. Daniel Bryan overcame the odds and won the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 30, even though the original plan was for Batista to win the WWE title. Vince McMahon listened to the fans.

Vince McMahon in a WWE Ring
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One year later, Roman Reigns was getting ready to take the reigns off of John Cena and become the no. 1 player on WWE Raw. Much to the chagrin of the WWE Universe, Reigns won the Royal Rumble match anyway, and the hype was minimal at best. Last year, Triple H made his return to the WWE ring and won the Rumble match, thus winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The build-up to his victory was once again, lackluster.

It’s about the build to a big moment, as much as it is the moment itself. Nobody understands that arguably more than Jim Ross. As a WWE Hall of Famer and legend in the industry, he is as knowledgable as anyone and can tell when something is of good quality. In a recent blog post summarized by SEScoops.com, Jim Ross praised the final segment before the Royal Rumble on WWE Raw.

“Loved the final scene on RAW featuring the big dogs of Undertaker, Brock Lesnar and Goldberg,” he said. “I don’t think that WWE could have written a better show ending as it relates to the ‘go home’ for the Royal Rumble match of which all three of the mega stars are entered.”

The only criticism among the WWE Universe was the lack of tension between the three legends. Instead of staring each other as the camera fades to black, Goldberg or Lesnar should’ve shoved each other and made a play for the Undertaker. It felt a tad underwhelming when these WWE standouts simply looked at each other awkwardly. However, a man such as Ross can find good in the go-home segment of the WWE’s primary program. That gives it some merit.

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross
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Undertaker, Goldberg, and Lesnar aren’t the only people to be excited about this Sunday at the Royal Rumble. According to an earlier report by the Inquisitr, Samoa Joe an Kenny Omega could be debuting at the show this weekend as surprise entrants. Omega is a long shot, while Joe could realistically show up on the main roster for the first time. In other news, Shawn Michaels is set to appear at the Royal Rumble, according to Cageside Seats.

Unfortunately, it won’t be in the capacity WWE fans wished it were. HBK will be a guest on the Royal Rumble Kickoff show, something very few WWE enthusiasts pay attention to. There’s still a chance he could show up during the event, but it’s highly unlikely. If Jim Ross is right, the build towards the Royal Rumble will see the event do it justice. WWE officials need to pay attention to the response on Sunday. If not, it could be another Pittsburgh Rumble all over again.

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