Getting nursery ready?

George And Amal Clooney Plan For $1 Million Nursery, Preparing For Twins?

Ever since George Clooney spoke to the press about finally being more open to having children, after years of the world believing the notable actor would be a forever-bachelor, Clooney and his barrister wife Amal have been the ongoing target of pregnancy rumors. Each time Amal steps out in a fitted gown for a lovely event the beauty makes headlines for a bump sighting. New rumors have been ignited over the past week that Amal is not only pregnant, but that the couple are expecting twins. Details about this supposed pregnancy continue to be revealed by said sources close to the pair.

In Touch Weekly spurred on this claim and has also shared words of an insider who states that George and Amal are busily preparing for the babies by working on the renovations of a $1 million nursery, adding that “They’ve also splurged on a changing table, a $10,000 Notte Fatata crib and a $19,000 armoire from one of the top baby boutiques in Beverly Hills, they’re calling it a ‘sanctuary.'”

The source even spoke about how the A-list couple reacted when they found out that they were having twins, stating that the couple was elated by the news.

“When George and Amal found out it was twins they were surprised, but also a little scared because they both had said that one was enough. But the news that it was a boy and a girl made them both really happy. They feel like they’ve hit the family jackpot.”

The Hail Caesar actor and human rights lawyer were married back in 2014, but the masses have been skeptical over the relationship as well as the possibility that George Clooney would ever decide to begin a family with the beauty seeing as he seemed set in his ways. However, Amal certainly has inspired changes in the star and, as noted, Clooney did finally voice his interest in having a family. The insider spoke to the publication on this matter as well.

“He’s gone from never wanting to be a father to being totally excited about Amal’s pregnancy and the thought of raising two children who will call him Dad. He’s been doting on Amal’s every need and talking to her belly. He’s also having a blast coming up with baby names.”

The source goes on to state the excitement the two feel over the pregnancy and how they are enjoying the process while preparing for the arrival of the little ones, like buying the various gadgets and prepping the nursery.

As to the validity of the rumor, this is unknown and it is very possible that, like the rumors begun over the past year, this too is merely fabricated. There has yet to be a response from Clooney’s rep on the matter.

Both George and Amal Clooney have been quite busy and focused on other matters that have likely kept them from giving such reports any attention. George is mourning the death of his star cousin Miguel Ferrer while Amal was noted to be one of the most influential women in the world for her work with Nadia Murad, her client who experienced terrible circumstances at the hands of ISIS fighters.

People shares about the Women of Impact Dinner the two attended recently, and which George tagged along for.

“Clooney and her Nobel Peace Prize-nominated client, Nadia Murad, appeared as honored guests at Brown’s Women of Impact dinner Tuesday night. Murad, who was named a U.N. Goodwill Ambassador in September, was taken prison by ISIS after her mother and brothers were executed in 2014. Clooney, Murad’s human-rights attorney, has helped her speak out about the plight of the Yazidi people, a group native to Northern Iraq.”

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