hank the cat

Hank The Cat Election Results: Feline Candidate Gets 6,000 Votes In Virginia

Hank the Cat didn’t win a house in the U.S. Senate but he did rack in a surprising number of votes. Hank, who was challenging former Virginia Governors George Allenn and Tim Kaine, took in over 6,000 votes.

Hank the Cat was disappointed with the election results but said that he was confident that his campaign brought positive attention to animals in need. In his concession statement, Hank urged Senator-elect Kaine to focus on animal rights.

Hank the Cat said:

“With your incredible generosity and constant support, we have literally saved hundreds of lives – we have given countless critters another chance, innumerable families have added a new member to their clan, and many of us had our faith restored in the potential for positive change in our political system that overflows with negativity and greed… As a citizen of Virginia, I feel it is now my duty to redouble my efforts to make sure Senator-elect Kaine is willing to sign my Animal Rescue Pledge, and I hope you will join me in making sure animals aren’t ignored or forgotten.”

According to King 5, Hank was rescued by Animal Allies and was running on the platform that focused on “Animal Rescue, Spay & Neuter programs, and Positive Campaign Reform.” The cat’s campaign was paid for by several animal rescue groups who ended up donating a total of $16,000 in an attempt to get Hank elected to the senate.

The Constitution Daily notes that Hank the Cat wasn’t actually on the voting ballot. Instead, he was a write-in candidate.

Are you surprised with Virginia’s election results? Would you have picked Hank the Cat to represent you in the senate?