'Gold Rush' Update: Todd Hoffman Wants To Work For Trump. What Happened To The Colorado Miracle?|Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

‘Gold Rush’ Update: Todd Hoffman Wants To Work For Trump — What Happened To The Colorado Miracle?

Gold Rush Season 7 has been quite a journey for Todd Hoffman. Ever the optimist, the reality star always carries a good sized gold nugget worth $25,000 in his pocket, as a sort of good luck charm. Has he found good luck? If so, then why is he courting new inaugurated President Trump for a job?

When the latest Gold Rush season began, Todd Hoffman spoke to Fox News, explaining that each season is different and he never gets tired of the whole experience. Hoffman says that the fans love it so much that he gets a lot of resumes because people want to join them in digging up gold from the ground. There is something quite attractive about what they do.

Perhaps what may be the most shocking news to fans is that until now, they have been led to believe that the Hoffman crew has been mining in Alaska. In fact, they have been mining in the Yukon of Canada.

Todd is thrilled to be back in the States and is ready and willing to serve our new president. It seems unfortunate that President Trump’s social media preference is Twitter, as Todd Hoffman used Facebook to offer to sing at Trump’s inauguration, as nearly every singer or musical act backed out of that high-profile gig.

Yet singing aside, Todd has had more pressing issues. When speaking to Fox Business, Hoffman expressed concern over the national debt and feared for his children. He explained that he voted for Trump because he wanted to see the deficit brought down. Although Todd expressed some confidence in the new president in implementing his ideas, Todd is understandably concerned about the impact of printing of money on the national deficit, and uses that as one of the reasons why he is stashing his gold.

“I’m not saying that [Trump] is perfect. I’m not saying that he’s going to solve all our problems, but as a gold miner, why I’m gold mining is I’m watching our country print money and get into debt all these years. I believe in gold because I’m worried. I’m afraid for my kids.”

Todd did fail to mention that former President Obama did lower the deficit over a trillion, with a t, dollars, according to MSNBC. Yet, fans are bound to give him a pass, as Hoffman has been so preoccupied with unsuccessfully mining gold in at least two mines this season that he may have missed that news.

Hoffman is very focused on reducing the debt, but his other main concern is who is coming into the United States. This may seem like a bit of an odd thing to read as Hoffman has been mining in foreign countries all of these years. He has been the outsider in Guyana, as well as in Canada. His pocketbook is thicker that these countries did not enact laws about foreigners.

“I’m hoping that he lives up to his promises and I’m hoping that we can reduce the debt, and we can close down the borders a little bit. At least know who’s coming into our country, that scares me.”

Todd Hoffman mostly hopes that Donald Trump can remove environmental regulations that hamper miners like him. In fact, he would like to work for Trump to make these changes. After working for himself for so long, he is just not sure he could even work for someone else!

“My hat is in the ring for one appointed position that has to do with mining. So I don’t know what will happen and I don’t know if I can actually work a regular job anymore.”

Yet, it doesn’t really sound like Todd will need that Trump paycheck.

This did not start out so good. Deciding to base their operation in their home state of Oregon this season, the Hoffman crew has been working hard, but still not finding any gold. Then, they moved to Colorado mid-season. Although he is not allowed to discuss how the season goes, Todd does reveal something big. He claims that he has witnessed a miracle this past summer and fans can only surmise that they found gold in Colorado. Perhaps a lot of gold?

“Something kinda miraculous happens later in the season. And you gotta watch.”

Almost crying, Todd Hoffman continues to talk about the miracle he experienced without giving away any details.

“It’s definitely something I am never gonna forget the rest of my life!”

Have you stuck by Todd this season? Do you think that they found a lot of gold in Colorado?

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]