Kate Middleton News: Kate Says She’s ‘Very Lucky’ To Be A Real Princess

Those who follow Kate Middleton news know that Middleton isn’t called ‘Princess’ very often, but she has all the magic that any princess should have. Middleton is properly known as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, wife of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. Her friends call her Kate, and her job description on palace and official documents is Princess.

Kate’s “public-facing persona is in fact pretty low-key: there is not much about her that shouts, ‘I am a princess; make way,'” according to Vanity Fair, and yet the children at the East Anglia Children’s Hospice recognized the Princess in Kate right away.

They might not have understood that Kate’s husband, Prince William, would one day be King of England with Queen Kate at his side, but they knew they were in the presence of a real princess.

In Kate Middleton news, Middleton says she is lucky to be a real princess

When one little girl asked Middleton what it’s like to be royal, Kate sat down and told her that she felt “very lucky.”

“My daughter Daisy asked Kate what it was like to be a real princess, and Kate said she’s very lucky that she’s very well looked after by her husband. Molly gave her a picture she had made at preschool.”

Daisy Benton, 4, was there to see Kate, along with her 6-year-old sister, Isabelle Benton, who is a patient at the hospice. Isabelle’s mom, Michala Benton, her husband Roger, and their other daughters, Aimie, 9, and Molly, 2, were all thrilled to meet Middleton for a second time.

“She recognized us, as we have met her before. She was quite chatty.”

Kate’s ability to put people at ease and make them feel that she is truly listening to their stories is part of the “princess-ness” of her character.

Middleton takes time for each person, and she’s actually interested in a way that reminds royal watchers of Prince William’s mother, Princess Diana.

“She’s good at putting people at ease and hear their stories.”

Kate Middleton is all princess as she visits children at hospice

Staff at the center said that Middleton was “totally genuine,” as she spoke to families and offered a personal comment to each one.

“She made a comment about one girl’s glittery shoes, on their level, knelt down to their level and you could see she genuinely cares. There are no airs and graces, she is totally natural. You can see she wants to be there and see what the families are going through. She is a genuine, caring woman.”

Becoming a mother to Prince George and Princess Charlotte has given Middleton first-hand knowledge of parenting, and she traded stories with Michala and other parents at the center.

At one point, Kate laughingly commented on the chaos of trying to get the little prince and princess ready to go out while George and Charlotte “run off in different directions.”

“Now that she’s a mother, she has that total understanding of what it is like.”

People shares that when Kate arrived at the hospice, a little girl offered her a bouquet of flowers, partly in remembrance of a child who died last year. Finnbar Cook had an inoperable brain tumor, and after his sister Nell gave the flowers to Kate, the Duchess took the time to sit and talk with Finnbar’s family about their tragic loss.

Jane Campbell, the service manager at the hospice, described how Middleton’s grace and honesty shone through as she sat down with the grieving family.

“She got down on people’s levels. She made a point of crouching when she was talking with children so she was at eye level, and she sat with the bereaved family. She didn’t stand over them; she sat comfortably and had a good open body language.”

Kate looked the part of a princess too, in her “gorgeous green” two-piece suit. Style Nine points out that Middleton’s green suit was in a shade a lot like the color of Ivanka Trump’s two-piece that the First Daughter wore during the inauguration festivities.

Kate and Ivanka are both “ahead of the style curve” with the bold green shade, but Middleton’s more conservative look showed off her royalty and brought out Kate’s inner princess.

Kate Middleton has come a long way from commoner to Duchess of Cambridge. Do you think Middleton should be called Princess Kate?

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