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‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Stefano On The Run, Is Marlena Bait?

Days of Our Lives spoilers have been released, and Marlena might come face to face with Stefano soon if all goes according to plan. A report via Celeb Dirty Laundry detailed that Marlena will offer herself as bait for Stefano.

As fans of Days of Our Lives are aware, it was revealed that Stefano is very much alive in Prague. Everyone believed that Hope had killed him in a misguided revenge plot for losing Bo. It was also suspected by viewers that Stefano might be alive since he’s a pro at escaping death, and it turns out their suspicions were right. Days of Our Lives fans found out that he was photographed alive in Prague. As a result, Hope’s partner Rafe, along with Steve, Paul, Kayla, and Marlena, took the trip to capture him. All of them have their own motives in addition to Rafe proving Hope’s innocence.

A previous Days of Our Lives spoilers article revealed that the group was chasing their tails with dead-end leads. The latest clue came up when Rafe found a key that belongs to a safety deposit box. The key was found near Stefano’s limo. At the time, it didn’t give them much information on how to track the famous villain down, but Shane is also working hard too.

If there’s any wonder if the group is getting desperate, it might come in the form of Marlena’s new plan that she cooked up in hopes that they can capture the mastermind and bring him back as planned. Days of Our Lives viewers will find out that while Rafe and Steve are fighting about their different strategies, Marlena will come up with a controversial plan of attack.

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Marlena wants to use herself as bait to catch Stefano. Marlena decides to bring up the plan, which Paul immediately opposes. Since Marlena didn’t come on the voyage with John, Paul feels as though he has to take care of Marlena on this trip. Despite having a history with Stefano, Marlena doesn’t care if she puts herself in the way of danger and believes that she will be able to outsmart him in the end. After arguing over different strategies, the group comes to an agreement that a certain trick will lead him to come out of hiding. It takes some convincing, but eventually, Paul will be on board with this plan as well, despite his reservations.

Long-time Days of Our Lives viewers might remember that Stefano and Marlena have a long history. At one point, the evil mastermind had captured her and drugged her. Back in the day, Marlena thought she killed Stefano, but as it turned out, he had escaped death. Sound familiar?

Days fans know from a previous Days of Our Lives spoilers discussion that even if they do catch the man with nine lives, Rafe has his work cut out for him in terms of Hope’s freedom. Hope escaped from prison after her life was threatened by fellow inmates. Now, Hope is struggling for her life at Eric’s farmhouse after being on the run. Eric, who was released from prison, is hiding out at his farmhouse outside of Salem, and the two shared issues they had from their pasts before Hope became sick with a high fever. That said, Eric is doing the best he can to care for Hope as she fights to stay in good health.

What do you think about the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers? Are we heading toward an epic finale?

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