‘One Piece’ Manga Chapter 853: Sanji Joins Luffy and Jinbei To Take On Big-Mom While Brook Puts Up A Brave Fight? [Spoilers]

‘One Piece’ Manga Chapter 853: Sanji Joins Luffy and Jinbei To Take On Big-Mom While Brook Puts Up A Brave Fight? [Spoilers]

Chapter 853 of immensely popular Japanese manga One Piece is packed with several confrontations between powerful clans. However, will the Straw Hats pirates escape from Whole Cake Island or choose to battle Big Mom’s Chess Barbarian Army?

[Warning: One Piece manga Chapter 852 spoilers and Chapter 853 speculations ahead]

One Piece manga is racing towards multiple intense battles between various factions that have assembled on the Whole Cake Chateau. Chapter 852 of One Piece confirmed what fans of Luffy D. Monkey and his gang of Straw Hats pirates had been impatiently waiting for. Right when Luffy needed him the most, Sharkman Jinbei made a dramatic and explosive entry in Big Mom’s “Prisoner’s Library” and busted out Luffy and Nami. Apart from the duo, Jinbei managed to rescue all the exotic animals and creatures that the library held.

The second captain of the Sun Pirates chose to rebel against Big Mom by freeing Luffy. In her current state of euphoria, the Yonko could have forgiven Jinbei for his act of defiance. However, Jinbei destroyed the entire library just to rescue his friends. Charlotte Linlin would certainly not take the insolent behavior kindly. It is likely that Big Mom will train her guns on Jinbei, but she is currently engaged with Brook.

In the previous chapter, Brook was seen bravely facing the Yonko alone. The skeletal member of Straw Hats does know how to overpower Big Mom’s Chess Barbarian Army. However, it is unclear how he will face or defeat the Yonko. Although Brook can ensure the army cannot approach or apprehend him, Big Mom could prove too much for poor Brook. Meanwhile, Pedro was seen facing his nemesis, Baron Tamago in one of the courtyards. The Jaguar Mink has a formidable enemy and has a significantly diminished lifespan. Hence Pedro might not survive his battle either. Incidentally, both the members have made it amply clear that they would help Luffy secure the Road Poneglyphs lying in Big Mom’s Treasure Room, and have jointly decided the quest is of utmost importance.

Interestingly, the duo could be saved by Carrot and Chopper. In the previous chapter, the duo, trapped in Brulee’s Magic Mirror World, had finally figured out how to manipulate the mirrors to extract information about the whereabouts of people. But they have still to decipher how to enter and exit the Mirror World. Although the duo currently has no clue where their fellow Straw Hats members are, Carrot’s expert drawing skills could come in handy in locating and rescuing not just Brook and Pedro, but also Luffy and Nami.

Incidentally, the most interesting aspect of the previous chapter was the remarkably calm and composed Sanji. Despite being heartbroken and devastated after learning the true nature and evil intentions of his soon-to-be bride, Lady Pudding, the chef managed to restrain himself. Instead of bursting into Lady Pudding’s chamber while the Big Mom’s daughter was revealing her plans to a grievously injured Reiju, Sanji stood dejectedly on the balcony. Even when Pudding reached into Reiju’s mind and altered her memory to erase any traces of her attack and the devastating conversation, Sanji chose to hold his tongue and chose to speak with his sister in the infirmary.

Given Sanji’s behavior, it is likely he would calmly purge himself of all the love he had for Pudding and head in search of Luffy. Reiju had stressed that Sanji must go and find his friends, and Black Leg could do just that.

Surprisingly, Reiju chose not to react to the true plans of Big Mom that her brother mentioned. Instead of the fiery persona she is known to have, Reiju calmly accepted her fate, stating that she was always an accomplice to Judge Vinsmoke’s evil plans and hence deserves to die with the rest of the Vinsmoke clan at the hands of the Yonko.

In the previous chapter, Luffy was seen crazily charging towards Big Mom’s soldiers and henchmen. However, the Straw Hats captain is famished as he had made a emotional promise to Sanji back when the chef was pretending to hate the former in order to save the lives of his friends. Incidentally, all Luffy wants is to know where Sanji is being held.

Chapter 853 of One Piece manga is expected to be released this week. Mangaka Eiichiro Oda appears to have been building the story so far for an explosive climax that might indicate the end of Big Mom arc.

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