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Kailyn Lowry Dating MTV Producer? ‘Teen Mom’ Star Gets Death Threats Over Behavior

Kailyn Lowry is not exactly an understanding wife these days on Teen Mom 2, as she’s clearly uncomfortable with Javi Marroquin’s return home. He had been deployed over six months and it appears that Lowry would prefer not seeing him upon his return. Since they were married and they were sharing a home when he left, Javi is just learning to put his life back together and he doesn’t even have a place to live or car seats for his kids. And as he revealed on Teen Mom 2, Marroquin is living at a hotel during his first few weeks at home. So, why is Kailyn being so mean? Is she hiding something?

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is now trying to set a stop to rumors that she was dating someone when Marroquin returned home. Of course, cheating rumors have been swirling for a long time and people are curious about who she is linked to. So when someone asked her if she was dating an MTV producer, she immediately spoke out on the rumor. As it turns out, Lowry wouldn’t date someone who is so close to the family.

“R u dating that Jc producer guy?? Lol #ifnotyoushouldbe,” one person asked Kailyn Lowry after watching Monday’s episode of Teen Mom 2, where she was clearly interacting and talking with the producer about her feelings, to which Kailyn replied, “Omg no! He’s my producer.”

And it sounds like several fans have thought about Lowry hooking up with the producer, especially since they both have tattoos in common, as another person pointed out, “Haha..I thought the same thing. I think it was the tattoos that made me think that.”

Of course, Kailyn Lowry has faced quite a bit of criticism over the past couple of weeks because of the way she decided to handle Javi’s return home. Some people have been very vocal on Twitter, as Marroquin is trying to make their relationship work, but she is acting like he’s annoying her. And based on her behavior, it sounds like many people are reaching out to her with death threats. Of course, Marroquin won everyone’s hearts with his caring personality, so it is easy to make Kailyn look bad.

“Kailyn Lowry has some serious patience because I would take the time to personally tell all the crazies on Twitter to get TF out of here,” one person wrote in Kailyn’s defense later on yesterday, to which Kailyn Lowry revealed, “Nothing like reading comments about people wishing I would die but hey they have bigger issues than I do.”

One follower did manage to capture most people’s feelings after watching Teen Mom 2 this week. While some people were downright angry with her actions, one person expressed disappointment, as if Lowry was acting like she was better than Javi. This follower also shared that Kailyn was acting like she was better than everyone, as if the fame had gone to her head.

“I think it’s pretty sad how you acted, has fame gone to your head and have you forgot where you came and who put you where ur at. I’m not a hater just disappointed in your actions, I think you were and are heartless woman and will have a lonely life,” one person wrote to Kailyn, which appeared to be the general opinion of many people.

What do you think of the criticism that Kailyn Lowry is getting these days? Would you be surprised if she was secretly dating an MTV producer, or do you think that she’s keeping her distance from these professional relationships?

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