A 31-Year-Old Kellyanne Conway Joked In 1998 Video About The KKK, Larry King’s Ex-Wives — And Sang [Video]
Kellyanne Conway: 1998 Video Shows Kellyanne Joking About The KKK, A Man With Three Wives And Singing [Video]

A 31-Year-Old Kellyanne Conway Joked In 1998 Video About The KKK, Larry King’s Ex-Wives — And Sang [Video]

It turns out SNL wasn’t too far off-script when Saturday Night Live imagined President Trump’s counselor and former campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, as a woman with big dreams of stardom, as reported by the Inquisitr. Kellyanne was portrayed by Kate McKinnon on SNL, with the comedy show’s version of Kellyanne sitting in an interview, but imagining the real reasons why Conway joined Trump’s campaign — all for fame and fortune. Kellyanne danced and sang in the SNL sketch, set like the musical and film Chicago, with Conway tracking her rise from a blueberry farm to the big and bright political world.

Now another video, published to YouTube on January 1 — but filmed in 1998 — shows what Kellyanne looked like nearly 20 years ago, when Conway was Kellyanne Fitzpatrick. Nearly two decades ago, Kellyanne performed a stand-up comedy routine for charity. Now that same video has swelled to more than 18,000 views — since Conway is more in the spotlight these days. In the video, Conway jokes about the KKK via cross burnings that she joked about one politico potentially attending, and Kellyanne quipped about Larry King having many ex-wives. The irony is rife, considering Conway’s new boss.

According to the New York Daily News, the video was filmed on November 26, 1998. Conway was performing as part of an event titled “D.C.’s Funniest Celebrity Charity Event.” At that point in time, Kellyanne was a 31-year-old with the “Pundette Blues,” not “Pundit Blues.” Conway worked for the Polling Company, Inc., as she noted in the video, with Conway bemoaning her single status at that time. Kellyanne also spoke plenty about being a lawyer who spent loads of time on news shows as a political pundit.

Kellyanne got some laughter throughout the routine, which lasted about 11 minutes or longer. But even Conway noted that people in the audience were ones whose salaries Kellyanne paid — one big motivation for the crowd attending and laughing at the comedy routine. Conway mentioned Chris Matthews quite a bit, and talked about wearing a cast on her foot, something that wasn’t received from any sort of dramatic break. Instead, Kellyanne explained she had surgery on her foot because of the way her bones were growing.

“Having just two of his own, Chris Matthews needed someone else’s foot to stick in his mouth.”

Kellyanne also described another reason for donning a cast on her foot.

“Fred Thompson’s bizarre and kinky foot fetish.”

Eventually, Conway broke into an awkward song in a bit of life imitating art, just as seen in the SNL video below.

Conway mentioned Monica Lewinsky, former President Bill Clinton, and the fact that the Starr Report let her know that others had a better sex life than her. Conway also mentioned other 1990s-era topics, like Ally McBeal.

Kellyanne is getting a good amount of feedback from her recently unearthed video, as seen in sample comments below.

Lee GaryB: “I’ve seen funerals get bigger laughs.”

factsarefacts: “Most of these people insulting her have no clue how hard comedy is. Your comment actually has a good cadence that makes it funny. AND being a custom comedy act written for a charity you don’t really have time to memorize the entire routine. I’ve done comedy and it takes a few weeks to get your jokes down for 20 minutes on stage.”

Chris Meeuwes: “These are alternative jokes… the others are funny.”

As seen in the featured photo above, President Trump took the hand of Kellyanne as she took a bow at the candlelight dinner given in order for Mr. Trump to thank his donors in Washington, D.C., on January 19, when Mr. Trump was still President-elect Trump.

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