Chelsea Handler flexing her muscles

Chelsea Handler At It Again: Bullying Melania Trump Despite Backlash

Chelsea Handler’s barrage of backlash hasn’t detoured the comedian one bit from continuing on with her bullying of Melania Trump. Even Hollywood celebrities are finding Chelsea’s comments over the top when it comes to her bizarre verbal attacks aimed at both Melania Trump and the president. Now Chelsea’s taken to Twitter to mock Melania once again.

While Chelsea is very outspoken about her feelings for President Trump, she has now stunned people with her latest swipes at the first lady. Many people feel that she’s gone too far, including a number of her die-hard fans.

Melania did absolutely nothing to deserve this type of berating that she’s been getting from Chelsea, which is what is so baffling to people on the social media sites. After hearing the very flippant remark she made about Melania Trump recently, some people are confused about what’s going on with Chelsea today. During a recent interview Chelsea said she would never have Donald or Melania Trump on her show. She then went on to say that Melania can’t speak English.

Chelsea also said that she had no respect for the president or the first lady. When asked if she would have Melania on her show one day, she flippantly replied, “Melania? To talk about what? She can barely speak English!” It is well known that Melania Trump is fluent in five languages, so that remark really didn’t make any sense.

Back in October Chelsea Handler suggested that Melania Trump needed an interpreter. “Hopefully an interpreter will be present,” she quipped when she was told about Melania’s up-and-coming speeches. Melania speaks English, Slovenian, French, Italian, and German, according to the Independent.

The backlash came fast and furious from across the social media sites as well as the many news shows on TV. This didn’t stop Chelsea because Tuesday night she went after Melania again. The comedian tweeted, “Blink if you need help @MELANIATRUMP.”

This was seen as yet another mean act by Chelsea, and her fans are now pushing back even harder as far as calling Chelsea on her behavior. Actress Kristy Swanson, who has had many movie roles in the past two decades, was one of her peers who went public with suggesting Handler stop. Swanson, who played the role of Buffy in the 1992 movie Buffy the Vampire Slayer, suggested Handler apologize. You can see what Swanson had to say in the tweet below.

Swanson talked with Carlton Tucker on Fox News and said how Chelsea “doesn’t make any sense” and it is “outrageous” that she is doing this to the first lady. Swanson also said that Chelsea needs to apologize. Tucker echoed what many others are saying and thinking today. He said how Chelsea fancies herself a liberal, yet she is making fun of a woman who is an immigrant, as reported on the Fox News website. This goes against everything she supposedly stands for.

Swanson said that the “Hollywood left” is acting crazy lately with this attack mode that’s going on. She said to Tucker, “Our job is to entertain, not make people run for cover.” Chelsea’s bullying of Melania Trump is making the community as a whole in Hollywood look bad and Swanson said this is not what she wants for the Hollywood community, which she is part of.

Many people took to the social media sites to condemn Handler’s treatment of Melania Trump. This is one time where Chelsea doesn’t have her entire fan base backing her up. Like the tweet below that talks about class, and Chelsea’s apparent lack of it.

Chelsea Handler has gone all out to get attention in the past, as Hollywood Life notes in an archived article on her topless pictures. Her bizarre behavior has been seen with her topless tweeted pictures and the selfies she has taken in the bathroom with fruit. By latching onto Melania Trump, who is front and center in the headlines as America’s new first lady, she can ride on Melania’s coattails of fame to pick up some of that attention for herself. While some people surmise it is Handler’s devastation over Hillary Clinton’s election loss that is driving this behavior against both Donald and Melania Trump, there really isn’t a clear motive coming from her.

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