Chelsea Handler Under Fire For Saying Melania Trump Can 'Barely Speak English'

Chelsea Handler Under Fire For Saying Melania Trump Can ‘Barely Speak English’

Chelsea Handler is controversial in everything she says and does. Her show, Chelsea Lately, ran on the E! network for several years amid controversy regarding her sense of humor and the jokes she used. Handler currently has her own show that can be viewed on Netflix, and it is still as crass and crude as what people would expect. It has been a while since she has made headlines, but today, she is back in the limelight. Chelsea has placed her foot in her mouth once again, and this time, it may backfire in a very big way.

It is no secret that Chelsea Handler is no fan of President Donald Trump. She had made her views clear across social media and on virtually every platform of speech imaginable. What fans and critics didn’t know was that Melania Trump is also someone who Handler isn’t interested in having anything to do with at all. According to TMZ, Chelsea Handler made comments about the first lady during an interview. She went off about Melania Trump “barely speaking English” among other things. While some people have been backing her, there are many critics who are jumping all over Handler for immigrant shaming and being a big bully.

Decided to spend the eve of the inauguration with a "registered republican." In the end we are now united in being registered as Independents. #unity @theshando lub you. Let's get connected.

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This is not the first time Chelsea Handler has been called a bully or been made to look bad in the spotlight. Melania Trump is allegedly not her first victim, and she likely won’t be her last. When Chelsea Lately went off the air, some people who worked with Handler spoke out against how she treated them on the set. In fact, Heather McDonald spoke out against her former boss and friend. There was plenty of heat given to her for voicing what she reportedly experienced during her time spent with Handler. The two went back and forth in the media for a while, throwing accusations at one another that were scandalous and shocking.

Fans are waiting in anticipation to see the backlash that Chelsea Handler is going to face for what some are calling immigrant shaming. She isn’t one who censors herself, and the comments about Melania Trump and her take on the English language upset a lot of people. There have been no remarks made from President Trump yet, but they are expected at some point. The attack on the first lady wasn’t something anyone expected, especially since Handler has been rather quiet in the last few weeks. When she announced she wouldn’t invite Trump or his wife on her show, Chelsea Does, it was downhill from there.

Let's get to work. Link in bio.

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These comments may affect Chelsea Handler long-term, especially now. She likely isn’t even fazed by the backlash she is receiving as she is used to someone taking issue with what she has to say. Critics are referring to Handler as a bully, which carries a lot of weight in the Hollywood area. Some of Hollywood’s biggest names have been associated with Handler, including Jennifer Aniston. As of now, she has not issued an apology for any of the comments she made about Melania Trump. Fans know that any type of admittance of wrong doing from Handler is unlikely, especially an apology.

The fallout from Chelsea Handler talking about Melania Trump has just gotten started. The comments were reportedly rude and harmful to all immigrants learning to speak English. Handler is standing by what she said, as she always does. Since she is no longer employed by a network, she has been freer when making comments during interviews. Chelsea Handler landed herself in hot water once again, and this time, it could hurt her career.

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