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Man Who Burned Elderly Woman To Death In Elevator Pleads Guilty [Video]

Brooklyn man pleads guilty to first degree murder, arson

A Brooklyn man has pleaded guilty to burning an elderly woman to death inside the elevator of her Prospect Heights apartment building.

Jerome Isaac pleaded guilty to the first-degree murder and arson in the December 2011 death of Deloris Gillespie. Under the plea bargain, Isaac faces 25 to life for the first-degree murder and another 25 for burning down the door of his brother’s home where he escaped to after the attack.

Prosecutors say Isaac attacked the 73-year-old because he believed she owed him money for “some work [he] did for her.” Isaac said he had cleaned her apartment for four or five months and asked Gillespie to give him $300, but she never did. He poured gasoline on her, set her on fire with a barbecue lighter, and threw a Molotov cocktail inside the elevator.

The attack was recorded on a security camera.

Assistant district attorney Mark Hale said, “He will never again be a free man. We don’t have to worry about Mr. Isaac anymore.”

Gillespie’s family and friends said she allowed Isaac to clean her apartment out of kindness and that she wanted to help him out. She even trusted him with a key. But Isaac betrayed her trust and kindness when he began stealing from her. Gillespie then changed locks, but Isaac continued to harass her for the money he claimed she owed him.

Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Vincent Del Giudice told Isaac, “You acted in an especially cruel and wanton manner, intending to inflict and inflicting torture.” He asked Isaac if he understood he would be incarcerated for the rest of his life, to which he replied, “Yes.”

Isaac was ordered to pay $127,228.75 in restitution for the damage caused by the fire.

He is scheduled to be sentenced on November 30.

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15 Responses to “Man Who Burned Elderly Woman To Death In Elevator Pleads Guilty [Video]”

  1. William Dean Luke

    fuck putting this bastard in prison so we can pay for his 3 meals, electricity, water, and whatever entertainment they get, burn this motherfucker at the stake so he can feel every bit of agony he inflicted on that poor woman before he dies a much-deserved death!

  2. Daneen Kroger Thurman

    does he have the restitution money? or is he just going to work in the prison for his $15 a week and send that to the family…seems like a bad dream for them, if he is to send them money… a constant reminder of his effect on their lives.

  3. Deb Ehrhardt

    What an agonizingly horrible way to die. The thought of this has to be neverending torture for her family. How could he not want to kill himself after doing something like this? So sorry for this woman…and her family.

  4. Danielle Lee Bree

    I'm having a Lil trouble with the fact that He got 25 years for Burning this Poor Woman & 25 Years for Burning a Door…..A DOOR!! How is Her Life equal to a DOOR?? Maybe it's the Max sentence They could give for Her Murder, which is RIDICULOUS, seeing as How it was all on the Surveillance Camera. He did it…No question. And it was a HORRIBLY MORBID, and PREMEDITATED Murder, so I don't see how He didn't get LIFE or the Death Penalty.

  5. Jamie Reustle

    I say an eye for an eye… Do the same thing to him and save us on some jail space and tax money to house his sorry no remorse ass…

  6. Kim Johnston

    Alot of times murderers will plead guilty to avoid the death penalty. I agree that 25 yrs for murder and 25 yrs for burning down a door is ridiculous. Her family will suffer for the rest of their lives

  7. Maybe AB

    The older I get the more I feel that a person should die the same way they inflict suffering and death on someone else, particularly the helpless. I get so angry when I hear of criminals torturing and killing others, then hide or turn a gun on themselves. They get to die quickly, but the victims possibly had to do a great deal of suffering first in addition to the fear beforehand. Gives new meaning to the old adage, "They can dish it out but they can't take it!" What cowards!

  8. Simon Damon

    i say skin him alive startign at the toes up the legs, then to his midsection, then up more once he cant take anymore, stop, then put rubbign alcohal over the freshly skinned section, see if he lasts, if he does, then put gass, and mach it up see hwo he lieks it.

  9. Ruth Honaker

    I feel the same, especially when they do it to helpless animals with whom we share this magnificent planet (Although you've had your share of the mice crew!)

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