Pearl Moen gets 15 years for stabbing

Texas Woman Stabbed Victim 21 Times, Described It As ‘A High Unlike Any Other’

Pearl Moen who stabbed a woman 21 times, describing it as “a high unlike any other,” has been sentenced to 15 years in prison after reaching a plea deal, according to People Crime.

Moen who was 17 at the time was sentenced on Friday for the random attack on a 23-year-old nurse in Austin Texas. Fortunately, the woman survived her injuries. According to a diary entry made by Pearl Moen after the attack, she rationalized that she wanted to see what it felt like to kill someone. She described the feeling as “absolutely fantastic” adding that she felt proud of what she had done.

“I stabbed an innocent woman to death earlier today…It was absolutely fantastic. Murder gives me a high unlike any other; it feels crisp unreality, flashing and sparkling, adrenaline and shock. How do I even go about describing it? The whole thing was unreal. I’m so proud of myself.”

The November 2015 incident occurred at a park where Pearl who had no prior criminal record waited in the bushes looking for someone to kill. Moen who has a lengthy history of drug abuse and mental health problems had described herself in her diary as a “homicidal psychopath” and someone with a “deep hatred towards people.” The convicted woman in her diary admitted that she stabbed her victim at least 20 times. In the same entry, she complained about losing a gold ring during the attack as her victim fought for her life.

” I stabbed her like 20 times. Maybe more. I wasn’t counting. She screamed and grabbed me saying, ‘What the [expletive]!…Yesterday I lost my other gold ring I’ve worn all my life on a chain around my neck as it was ripped off by a girl I was murdering. Fate is weird.”

Moen’s victim who was present in the courtroom during the sentencing said it was unsettling that her attacker showed no remorse for her actions and saw it as a thing of pride that she almost committed murder. The unidentified victim who addressed her assailant in court said her medical background allowed her to save her own life. She added that it would have been a different story if Moen’s victim was a child or a senior.

The victim recalled the incident while speaking to a New York Daily News reporter. According to the 24-year-old woman, she was relaxing on a blanket in the park with a friend shortly before the attack. The anonymous victim revealed that her friend had entered an apartment and she had closed her eyes. The next thing she remembered was Pearl Moen straddling and stabbing her repeatedly with a knife.

The 24-year-old woman said her right lung collapsed and she lost a massive amount of blood. Luckily, her medical training helped her to stem the flow of blood, but she suffered permanent nerve and tendon damage. The victim said she remembered Moen smiling as she stabbed her again and again.

Shortly after the November 2015 stabbing, a local neighborhood association rallied round and handed out fliers with a description of Moen. For months, Austin police searched for a suspect. On Valentine’s Day, police authorities received a call from Moen’s mother who believed that her daughter matched the description of their suspect. Moen was charged with attempted murder and was looking at 20 years. However, she reached a plea agreement and got 15 years.

A former classmate said Moen was a shy girl who she never saw angry during their time together at the Austin School of Performing and Visual Arts. According to the former classmate who did not want to be named, they lost touch in the Fall of 2013 when Moen dropped out and mingled with the wrong crowd.

“She was a very sweet girl, she seemed to be very introverted and shy at times but overall she was very sweet and creative. We lost touch a bit over the past year and I heard from other friends she began to start hanging out with the wrong crowd and doing drugs, so I think maybe that’s part of the reason she was led to do this.”

[Featured Image by Austin Police Department]