Lichtenstein Castle

Microsoft Transforms Lichtenstein, Gutenburg Castle Into ‘Halo 4’ Theme Park

Microsoft transformed the small European country of Lichtenstein and Gutenburg Castle into a virtual Halo 4 playground, according to eCanadaNow.

In order to reach the one or two people who weren’t aware that the next installment of Halo was about to hit retail shelves, Microsoft took over the country of Lichtenstein. On November 7, a number of popular landmarks were incorporated into the company’s Halo 4 promotional campaign.

Game Trailers reports that the country is only 62 square miles in size and houses around 35,000 citizens. With the help of the local government and Microsoft’s sizable bank account, the country was transformed into a Halo playground for one day.

Gutenburg Castle, which has been standing since the 13th century, was turned into a military installment complete with Master Chief patrolling the country’s borders. A local quarry was changed into a battleground that came equipped with real life explosions. Microsoft seemingly spared no expense in creating this one day theme park.

Those who visited Lichtenstein and Gutenburg Castle enjoyed an authentic Halo experience from the people who brought the franchise to life. Of course, most people were camped out inside their homes with copious amounts of energy drinks, snack foods, and a fresh copy of Halo 4 when the event was taking place.

Halo 4 was released on November 6, the same day as the Presidential Election. According to, it would seem that some gamers were more enthusiastic about the latest adventures of Master Chief than who would lead the American people for the next four years.

For many, Halo is more than just a video game.

“It’s sort of something I have a connection with him,” one gamer said of Master Chief, the franchise’s star. “It’s bigger than a game. It’s more a personal thing for me.”

Analyst predict that Halo 4 could be one of the biggest media releases of 2012. The only game that could match the game in terms of popularity is Call of Duty.

What do you think about Microsoft transforming Lichtenstein and Gutenburg Castle into a Halo 4 playground?