Too Close to Home is a hit on the TLC network

‘Too Close To Home’ Season 2 Ratings Increase, Season 3 A Likely Bet

Too Close to Home is one of television’s best-kept secrets. It is a drama that airs on the TLC network, and it was created by Tyler Perry. Because it isn’t typical of what you see from him, the show often gets a lot of criticism, but once people have watched it, they often rave about what it has to offer. Too Close to Home is set in Happy, Alabama. Many of the main characters either live in the trailer park or came from the trailer park. With all of the drama in Season 1, Season 2 is coming in strong.

With just a two-month break between seasons for Too Close to Home, things seem to be picking up for the show. Kelly Sullivan plays one of the lead roles, and she shines as Bonnie. Fans may remember her from General Hospital, where she played Connie/Kate, or The Young and the Restless, where she played Sage. Many of the other actors are lesser known but are still bringing their A-game. According to TV Series Finale, Too Close to Home has a good shot at a renewal for Season 3. The numbers are way up from Season 1, and more and more viewers are taking to social media to talk about their new favorite show.

These Alabama girls are always up to something! See what trouble they get into on tonight's #TooCloseToHome at 10/9c!

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There has been a lot of criticism about the acting in Too Close to Home. It isn’t your typical prime-time drama and running in on TLC offers it to a unique audience. Tyler Perry has talked about the comments made about the acting, and he isn’t pleased with what is being said. Fans have taken to social media to complain about what they don’t like, but the feedback is far more positive than negative. Like with any show, there are things that can be worked on, but the quality has improved from Season 1. New storylines were added to the original ones, but they all link together with the mysterious woman in the trailer park being Brody’s (Brock O’Hurn) half-sister. Things are all connected in Happy — it is just a matter of finding out who slept with who and how everyone is related.

Right now, there is no definitive answer on whether Too Close to Home will get picked up for a third season, but it is looking good. After the fiasco the TLC network suffered as a result of the Josh Duggar scandal, they are very happy to keep what is working and drama-free on their network. The ratings are climbing for Too Close to Home, and having a Wednesday night time slot isn’t the easiest way to excel, but the show has made ratings climb each week. There are still five more episodes for Season 2 to air, but with each airing, the ratings continue to soar.

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Fans have been posting their theories about what will happen in Season 2 of Too Close to Home with some of the storylines that are happening right now, and it appears the majority of people are looking forward to Heather Locklear returning as Katelyn. She is headed to Happy to get her revenge on the woman her husband is obsessed with and to also bring Dax (Nick Ballard) back to Washington, D.C., with her. There is so much potential between Katelyn and Dax, and fans want to know how deeply they are entangled. Tyler Perry has used the show to discuss several social issues, many of which are being fought for daily. Too Close to Home is definitely an oddball show for TLC to be airing, but it is bringing the network a lot of new viewers. With ratings as high as they are, Season 3 is everything but a done deal.

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