Roseanne Barr actually got a lot of votes

More Than 8,000 People Wanted Roseanne To Be President In Florida

If you need more proof that Roseanne Barr was serious about her presidential bid, you came to the right place. The actress and comedienne actually scored some votes. More than 8,000 to be exact.

Barr, who was running for president on the Peace and Freedom ticket with anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan, garnered more than 8,000 votes in the Sunshine State of Florida, according to the Division of Elections. Those 8,008 votes put Roseanne in fifth place overall in Florida, behind the Democratic, Republican, Libertarian and Green party candidates with .1 percent, notes MSNBC.

ABC News reports that in California, Roseanne secured a sixth-place finish with 36,762 votes, though thousands more opined online that they’d rather see porn legend Ron Jeremy as the leader of the free world.

Roseanne had originally tapped country music icon Willie Nelson as her vice presidential running mate, though he ultimately backed out. Her campaign platform included a resource-based economy, the forgiveness of student loans, and mot notably, the complete legalization of marijuana.

Roseanne took to Twitter after receiving notice of her voting tally to express her gratuity to her fans and everyone who went to the polls in the actress’s name.

“I thank the people who voted for me — most of you were first-time voters that would never have voted for Obama or for Romney,” Barr tweeted today.

No word on whether or not Roseanne is planning on packing up and moving to Colorado now that recreational marijuana has been legalized in that state.

Did you vote for Roseanne?