'Outlander' Season 3: What We Know So Far

‘Outlander’ Season 3 Spoilers: What We Know So Far

Outlander will return to Starz soon (rumor has it the premiere may be in April) and although we’ll have to wait until it hits the air, we do know a few things about what Season 3 will hold. The show has viewers hooked to its story, romance, and breathtaking scenery, not to mention its two beautiful lead characters – Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan). Of course, these things will be part of the next batch of episodes, but some things will change as well, and some completely new things will come on the scene. Showrunners have to keep the show interesting after all.

Outlander Season 2 ended with Claire learning that Jamie survived the Battle of Culloden and declaring that she had to go back to him. We are all thrilled that she is going back and excited about seeing their reunion but don’t expect it to be all romance from the start. When Claire returns to the 1700s, it is twenty years later than it was the last time she saw him. A lot happens in 20 years. Jamie has had to get on with his life assuming that Claire is dead, and Claire bore his child and continued with her own life. They are changed people from what we saw in Season 2 of Outlander, so as much as it would be terribly romantic for them to pick up where they left off, as if nothing had happened, that won’t be possible.

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In addition to the problems posed simply by 20 years of separation, there have been reports that we will learn in Season 3 of Outlander about a special relationship between Jamie and another man. Readers of the book series that serve as the basis of the show know that in Voyager, the book upon which Season 2 of Outlander is based, a minor but important character is introduced. His name is John Grey. We know this character will appear when the show returns to Starz and will be played by David Berry. What’s especially interesting about Grey is that he is homosexual and has a close relationship with Jamie. He is a man of great moral character, however, and in the 1700s, that meant that you could not be openly gay. He runs a prison where Jamie is a prisoner. In the Outlander books, Grey falls in love with him and is disappointed that he is not homosexual.

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A photo from Season 3 of Outlander was recently shared by Entertainment Weekly. In it, Claire and Frank appear to be very much in love as Claire holds a baby in her arms while sitting in a hospital bed. Yes, it’s the couple with the newborn Brianna. Asked about the photo, Caitriona described the mix of emotions in the scene.

“It’s a new beginning, but it’s so fraught with so many other things. Obviously, this is Jamie’s child, but Claire’s in a new time and believes that Jamie is dead. So she’s really trying to look forward and give her daughter a new life, a stable family… Frank is coming to terms with his wife… They’re tentatively trying to see if they can patch things up and allow themselves to embrace a future together. They really do try, but it’s not quite that easy.”

We also know there will be new characters when Outlander returns to the small screen. Entertainment Weekly reported that Cesar Domboy has been cast as the adult version of the loveable Fergus. And Deadline has reported that John Bell has been cast as Jamie’s nephew Ian Murray, and Wil Johnson as a 20th-century friend and medical colleague of Claire.

One thing’s for sure, whatever happens in Season 3 of Outlander, it will be intriguing and surprising and will keep fans glued to their televisions once more.

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