Lisa Vanderpump's son Max is searching for his birth parents

Lisa Vanderpump Reveals Her True Feelings About Her Son’s Quest To Find His Biological Parents

Lisa Vanderpump has always known her adopted son, Max, would possibly someday want to find his biological parents, and on the most recent episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Vanderpump helped her son get the ball rolling. Vanderpump and her husband, Ken Todd, helped Max, now 25, track down the lawyer behind the adoption, but when they turned up a bio of Max’s biological father, Lisa became very emotional and had to leave the room.

On her Bravo blog, Lisa Vanderpump revealed that she fully supports her son’s quest to find out more about his bloodline, admitting that when he was younger she felt much more insecure about the idea.

“As an adoptive mother in his younger years, I felt threatened at the prospect of him searching for his biological family, wondering if a bloodline might usurp his feelings of the familial bond that we had created,” Lisa wrote.


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“But now as he is older, I feel more secure and support his curiosity,” Vanderpump continued.

“Unfortunately, my emotions got the better of me. Just the paperwork and memories so deeply etched in my mind of all those years ago sent a ripple of fear and apprehension through me. We tracked down the lawyer, and they brought up the paperwork, and as I read the profile of the man that had fathered Max … I had to leave and regroup.”

Lisa Vanderpump admits that she usually remains “stoic,” even when under attack by her co-stars on RHOBH. But the reality star added that when it comes to matters concerning her children, tears can sometimes be “a blink away.”

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans know a little bit of the backstory regarding Lisa Vanderpump’s adoption. Lisa previously revealed that she and her husband adopted Max from foster care in 1992 when he was just 6-weeks-old. Vanderpump said she always had to be ready in case Max’s birth parents came calling, but she was caught off guard a few years ago when he began asking questions about his heritage and told her he wanted to find out more about his background. On an earlier RHOBH episode, Lisa and her husband considered a type of genetic testing that compares mouth swab DNA to others in a database.

Lisa Vanderpump opened up about her son’s adoption on her Bravo blog in 2015. Vanderpump revealed that she had always planned to adopt, even after the birth of her daughter, Pandora, and that she first visited baby Max in a foster care home. Lisa added that her then-6-year-old daughter was instantly smitten with her baby brother.

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“I think the perfect example of how relevant his adoption was happened one night when we came home from dinner, and a couple who had worked for us at the house for quite a few years by then said Max was acting up, being silly, and telling them how he was adopted, which they believed to be untrue,” Lisa wrote.

“They would’ve never known, they said, he was the image of his father. My point being, it was never mentioned, it was never important. If he had questions, I answered them as simply as I could, so it was rather surprising when Max came to me and inquired about his genetic heritage.”

Lisa Vanderpump has said that she always loved both of her children equally and that they had an idyllic childhood “full of ponies and dogs” and “extraordinary experiences.” But Lisa also admitted that her daughter was sometimes jealous of her little brother because she sometimes felt he was favored.

On RHOBH, Vanderpump revealed that while she was able to have more biological children she and her husband tried to adopt four more children while they were living in England, but they were turned down because they were too old. Lisa was 35-years-old at the time.

Now, as her son tries to track down information about his lineage, Lisa says she knows for sure that “biology has little to do with emotional connections, of that Max and I are sure.”

Take a look at the video below to see Lisa Vanderpump talking about her son Max and his adoption.

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