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Next For Mitt Romney: President Obama’s Secretary Of Business [Video]

Will Mitt Romney become President Obama's Sec. of Business?

On Wednesday, a CNN panel of journalists suggested a possible future for fallen GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney: President Obama’s Secretary of Business.

With President Obama’s re-election secured, his cabinet will see some shuffling over the next several months. Suggestions for new offices have been thrown out over the past several weeks, with “Secretary of Business” popping up from time to time.

CNN host Wolf Blitzer suggested that Obama would benefit from appointing a few Republicans to his vacating cabinet positions, and suggested the POTUS court Mitt Romney for “Secretary of Business.”

“Look at what the president did last night in his speech,” Republican strategist Alex Castellanos said. “He said he was going to call Mitt Romney and talk about how to move forward together. That was incredibly generous and also incredibly smart politically.”

Blitzer suggested President Obama make a bold choice and appoint Mitt Romney to a secretary position, potentially of the Treasury.

“As soon as the president talked about Mitt Romney and calling him up, the social media was abuzz with the idea, what about appointing Mitt Romney as the secretary of Commerce,” senior political analyst David Gergen remarked. “Wouldn’t that be an interesting thing? I think it’s probably a non-starter, but it does emphasize, he does need a CEO business person.”

“The president suggested the other day maybe creating a new secretary of business,” Blitzer said.

“What if Mitt Romney was in that cabinet?” host Suzanne Malveaux wondered. “I mean, he brought Hillary Clinton, kept her close to him, by his side. So, you never know. It could be part of the strategy.”

The idea of a Secretary of Business has been floated before, with Obama himself suggesting it last week on MSNBC. Though his name hadn’t yet been attached to it, Mitt Romney scoffed that the office would amount to just “another bureaucrat.”

“I don’t think adding a new chair in his cabinet will help add millions of jobs on Main Street,” Romney, as a candidate, told a crowd of supporters in Virginia. “His solution to everything is to add another bureaucrat.”

Though the 2012 election unquestionably went to President Obama, keen observers have wondered what to make of the state of the electorate.

When you combine exit polling data on specific policies, the closeness of the popular vote, and the GOP’s renewed control over the House of Representatives despite the lowest Congressional approval in recent history, it seems unclear what the American voter is asking for.

Bipartisan solutions have become popular talking points lately, with President Obama reaching out to Romney for a post-election chat, a call for the election’s winner to govern as an Independent, and now, a suggesti0n from CNN for President Obama to work closely with Conservatives.

Here’s the video of CNN‘s Mitt Romney as Secretary of Business recommendation, via The Raw Story:

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8 Responses to “Next For Mitt Romney: President Obama’s Secretary Of Business [Video]”

  1. Marlon Medina

    After the Romney campaign stiffed its workers with cancelled credit cards, few if any, Americans would trust him.

  2. Dave Koch

    I would be shocked if President Obama selects Mitt Romney for anything. Look at the company Romney keeps – Donald Trump? Ted Nugent? Meat Loaf?

    Mr. Romney has alienated himself from the automotive industry, and he has sworn allegiances to the likes of Grover Norquist and Rush Limbaugh.

    Through some very nefarious and unethical methods, Mr. Romney profited heavy eight figures from the auto industry rescue. Mr. Romney has never built any businesses, rather he is a wrecking ball who made his fortunes on the backs of hard working American's stolen pensions. I would not take business counsel from Mr. Romney about anything.

    A few years ago I had dismissed, for cause, my senior network engineer from a company I owned. He just couldn't seem to conduct himself in a manner that was acceptable toward women – he was pretty much a pig.

    A week or so later, I was having a chat in my office with a gentleman who was CEO of a very successful and growing company. He asked me if I would have any problem with him hiring my former engineer.

    I pointed out my window toward the dumpster located in the back of our building and said, "You're welcome to rummage through our rubbish any time you like." He got the message.

    Mr. President, please stop digging through the GOP dumpster in a futile effort to try to show bipartisanship. If the republicans wish to continue obstructing progress on the People's Business, call in the media and make your report, every day if necessary.

    We'll take it from there Mr. President.

    Please read the open letter to Messrs. Boehner and McConnell at the link below.

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