Britney Spears Confirms Relationship With ‘Slumber Party’ Model Sam Asghari: ‘He’s A Real Fun Person’

Pop starlet Britney Spears is finally sharing the details of her romance with Persian model and personal trainer Sam Asghari, according to a E! Online report.

Since meeting each other late last year on the set of the singer’s steamy “Slumber Party” music video with fellow vocalist Tinashe (of “Superlove” fame), the twosome have seemed to become pretty inseparable, with cute pictures of Spears and Sam popping up on the performer’s social media accounts quite often.

During an interview for Dallas-Fort Worth radio station AMP 103.7 on Friday, Britney sat down between rehearsals for her Las Vegas Piece of Me residency show and shared just how she and Sam, who portrayed her love interest in “Slumber Party,” first started to turn their professional relationship into one that was a lot more personal.

“We were shooting the scene where I walk through the halls of [the mansion] to get to the bedroom,” Britney began, “and we were sitting there, and were like, waiting and waiting together for [up to] 20 minutes at a time.”

“We were literally stuck there [on-set],” she continued, “and we were basically, like, forced to talk to each other [out of boredom].”

As they chatted, the two quickly noticed just how many things they shared in common, including a love of raw fish.

“He knew my name, but he didn’t really know who I was as a person,” Britney said of that first interaction, “and I [had] no idea who the hell he was, but we were just talking.”

That involuntary conversation led to an outing or two, but no immediate love connection.

“It was, like, not even a serious thing,” she admitted.

“[It was] more like one of those things where you’re having conversations to get through the experience.”

Despite not drawing hearts with the names “Britney and Sam” inside of them, Spears says that a chance encounter of coming across Asghari’s contact info months later made her reconsider a possible coupling.

“I kept his number,” she recalled, “and it was so weird because it was like, five months later that I found his number in my bag again. And I was like, ‘[wait], he was really cute. This guy was really cute!'”

Taking a chance, Britney dialed Sam up. And the rest, as they say, is history.

“He is just a really fun, funny person,” Spears shared.

Whispers about Britney and Sam Asghari first taking their connection off-set came about on the last day of 2016 when Spears, who is normally reclusive when it comes to her personal relationships, posted an image of herself and Asghari dining together at a restaurant.

“Happy New Year,” she tagged in the shot, which displays Britney in Sam’s warm embrace as she wears her beau’s jacket.

About a week ago, Sam turned up again on Spears’ Instagram page in a telling, but totally innocent picture taken inside of Britney’s bedroom.

It’s admittedly been a while since most of the Britney Army — the singer’s long-standing fan base — have seen the “Born To Make You Happy” icon this happy in a relationship.

Following failed love matches with Charlie Ebersol, son of former NBC president Dick Ebersol, in 2015, and detaching from her unfaithful boyfriend, David Lucado, the year before that, which Spears confirmed herself during a concert that year, even she couldn’t help but to believe that she was unlucky when it came to finding love.

“I’ve been through horrible relationships,” Spears expressed during an Australian radio interview in 2015, as Celebuzz reported, “but unfortunately, I still believe in love and that sort of thing. I think you should protect your heart and stuff like that. But yeah, I am a hopeless romantic. I believe in love.”

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[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images & Britney Spears/Twitter]