Brock Lesnar Wont Be at WWE Faslane to Better Goldberg

WWE News: Reason Why Brock Lesnar Won’t Appear at ‘WWE FastLane’

Brock Lesnar is expected to appear more often on WWE programming than he has in several years heading into Wrestlemania 33, but he won’t be appearing at WWE FastLane for a specific reason. His schedule for “The Road to Wrestlemania” will see The Beast featured on every episode of Raw for the next three months.

The only exception will be the February 13th edition because of inability to compete in Nevada as a result of his recent failed drug tests associated with his fight at UFC 200 over the summer. There is some speculation about why WWE officials would have Brock Lesnar appear so often on WWE television, but keep him off a big event like WWE FastLane, especially when Goldberg is currently advertised for a big role on the PPV.

As of this writing, the belief is that Goldberg vs. Lesnar III is written in stone for Wrestlemania 33, so Brock being kept off WWE FastLane may seem like a wasted opportunity, but there is a specific reason why WWE officials are keeping him off the PPV. In an odd move by WWE, the point is to keep the focus off Lesnar.

Brock Lesnar Hits An F5
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According to a new report, the reason why WWE officials aren’t booking Brock Lesnar for WWE FastLane is because of Goldberg. Both men will have their next major confrontation at the WWE Royal Rumble, but it’s a matter of speculation at this point where WWE will be leaving their feud. Whatever happens between the two rivals, WWE officials are looking to keep Goldberg and Lesnar away from each other heading into WWE FastLane.

Brock Lesnar will be appearing on Raw almost every week, but he isn’t expected to do more than a promo segment with Paul Heyman or get involved in a brawl. A recent report is claiming that he may wrestle some matches on Raw. WWE officials are attempting to rebuild Brock Lesnar after taking the loss from Goldberg at WWE Survivor Series a few months back. Meanwhile, Goldberg will be getting a huge push from WWE.

It’s being said that Goldberg will be the main focus of WWE FastLane. WWE officials don’t want the fans to be thinking about Brock Lesnar during the PPV or how he is going to interfere in Goldberg’s match. WWE will be giving Goldberg the spotlight, and it could be a way for WWE to build him without having to be the foil to Lesnar. Goldberg’s match hasn’t been revealed, but a tag match with Roman Reigns is a possibility.

Goldberg vs Goldberg is Planned For Wrestlemania 33
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Goldberg being given the main event spotlight of WWE FastLane to develop a new feud or stand on his own without Brock Lesnar makes sense. It’s just confusing why WWE would want to have Lesnar on Raw every week as a consistent reminder that his Wrestlemania match with Goldberg is coming soon. The only way that makes logic sense is if WWE officials are planning different feuds for both men for Wrestlemania 33.

It has been reported that the feud between Goldberg and Lesnar would be undergoing some major changes on “The Road to Wrestlemania.” Recently, there was a rumor that Roman Reigns could find himself in the mix with Goldberg and Brock Lesnar after WWE FastLane. A Triple Threat match between Reigns, Lesnar, and Goldberg may be in the cards for the grandest stage of them all in a few months at Wrestlemania 33.

All we know for sure right now is Brock Lesnar and Goldberg will come face to face on Raw next week for the first time since WWE Survivor Series and for the last time before the WWE Royal Rumble. The rivalry between the two men will reach a conclusion over the next few months, but it won’t be at WWE FastLane.

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