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Kim Kardashian Blasted For ‘Acting Poor,’ New Stripped Back Image A ‘Calculated Attempt To Get Even Richer’ Source Claims

Kim Kardashian is being accused of using her new toned-down image as a “calculated attempt to get even more rich.” Fans criticized Kim for ‘staging” her recent stripped-back Instagram photos and “acting poor.”

That’s according to a new report by Radar Online claiming that Kardashian’s new look, which has seen her looking less glamorous and sans jewelry when compared to uber-glamorous look she flaunted across social media prior to her October Paris robbery, is supposedly a “calculated” image makeover to bring in more cash.

According to a source close to the Kardashian family, Kim’s recent array of Instagram photos, in which she’s been showing off a more low-key image, is allegedly Kardashian’s way of promoting a number of upcoming projects in the pipeline for herself and husband Kanye West to bring in the cash.

The source claimed that Kim’s recent Instagram snaps, most of which show her and Kanye with their two children, North and Saint West, playing in a bare room, are supposedly set to feature in Kardashian’s upcoming new book, which the site is claiming will be a sequel to Kim’s 2015 book of selfies, Selfish.

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“Kim is using these new photos to put together a series for a new photo book,” a Kardashian insider told the site of Kim’s recent Instagram photos showing off her new image, which came in a flurry after the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star took a social media hiatus that lasted several weeks following her Paris robbery.

“[Kim] wants to give fans a glimpse of her new life and her new self,” continued the insider of Kim posting numerous snaps to Instagram showing off her toned down and stripped back image, claiming that Kardashian’s attempts to give fans a look into her life post-robbery is supposedly “all a façade” to publicize her and Kanye’s new projects and make money.

The source also went on to allege to the site that posting the stripped-back photos is also supposedly Kim’s way of promoting West’s new album, as well as her own projects, as Radar Online’s Kardashian insider alleged that “Kanye is also planning on using photos from the series as a cover for his upcoming studio album.”

The accusations come amid Kardashian being slammed for “acting poor” in her recent social media uploads, as The Sun claimed that a number of Instagram fans mocked Kardashian for her new look and accused her of “staging” her recent Instagram uploads.

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According to the site, a number of Kim Kardashian’s followers didn’t react well to Kim’s new look and image, supposedly hitting back at the reality stars by claiming that the family was attempting to “act poor” when Kim returned to social media for the first time in weeks.

The Sun reported that Kim’s new snaps adhering to her new look featured a “stripped-back interior” and showed Kim and Kanye “on a worn-out green sofa with North and Saint playing on the bare floor,” which is a far cry from the luxurious photos Kardashian used to post across her social media accounts prior to her robbery.

The site then went on to report that a number of fans were quick to call out Kim for her low-key image makeover, claiming prior to the accusations that Kim’s stripped-back look is all a “façade” as the couple were slammed by fans for “pushing so hard for an innocent approach” after their seriously rocky 2016, which included Kim’s robbery, Kanye’s breakdown, and rampant rumors of a divorce.

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One Instagram user seriously slammed Kim over her image makeover according to The Sun, accusing Kardashian of “staging” the photos and faking her toned-down persona while others slammed her for “acting poor.”

“[What’s] with the same outfit and rusty background like [you’re] not living in a luxury mansion but a clapped up shelter house with cheap furniture,” the Instagram user commented on one of Kardashian’s snaps showing off her stripped back new look. “And you can so tell ALL these pictures were staged to [give] that earthy warm feeling.”

What do you think of Kim Kardashian being slammed for “acting poor” amid reports claiming that Kim’s more stripped back image is supposedly a “calculated” move to make her even richer?

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