Dance Moms Season 7 episode 8

‘Dance Moms’ Season 7: Elliana Vs Lilliana In Episode 8, Yolanda Turning Into A ‘Poisonous’ Mom [Promo]

Dance Moms Season 7 returns with an all-new episode this Tuesday, January 17 on Lifetime. According to the official synopsis and latest spoilers, Episode 8, titled “ALDC Ain’t Dead Yet,” will see a showdown between the ALDC mini-dancers, Elliana Walmsley and Lilliana Ketchman.

In the promo for the next episode of Dance Moms Season 7, Abby Lee Miller was seen giving newcomers Elliana and Lilliana a chance to prove themselves by giving them a solo. Spoilers revealed that Elliana will be performing a jazz solo called “Charlie,” while Lilliana is doing an acrobatic routine called “Dainty but Dangerous.”

“I think it’s important for Lilly to do well,” Stacey told her co-stars.

This showdown between Elliana and Lilliana is actually a big deal considering how Abby sent Daviana Fletcher home when she failed to beat Kalani Hilliker. Abby also almost sent Maesi Caes packing when she didn’t place in the competition a couple of weeks ago.

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Elliana’s mom, Yolanda, however, does not seem pressured about the one-on-one, even calling her daughter “the golden child.” In the sneak peek for Dance Moms Season 7 Episode 8, Yolanda was even seen telling Jamie, Maesi’s mom, that Abby likes Elliana much more than Maesi.

But clearly, this doesn’t seem the case, as the next scene showed Abby saying that if Yolanda were to open her mouth one more time, she would pull Elliana out of the competition. The ALDC coach added that Yolanda is being a “poisonous” dance mom.

“Screw you! She won’t even dance if you open your mouth again,” Abby told Yolanda.

In the most recent episode of Dance Moms Season 7, Yolanda and Jamie got into a heated argument, right before the Fresno competition, when the former said that she would rather have Elliana dance with Lilliana than Maesi.

“You will stab anybody in the back, including Abby. What was the little comment she said the other day? About her being incarcerated and laughed about it? You mocked her. You mocked her in front of everybody. You laughed about it,” Yolanda told Jamie in front of the entire Dance Moms cast.

This caused Abby Lee Miller to walk out and pull Maesi and Elliana’s duet from the competition.

“I really don’t know what the moms are trying to do. Hurt my feelings, sh**t over me? I don’t know but I can guarantee you the moms are in for a rude awakening.”

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When Ashlee Allen, Bryn Rumfallo’s mom, told her Dance Moms co-stars what Abby did, the moms could not help but blame it all on Yolanda. Kira Girard pointed out that Yolanda’s timing was off, pointing out that Abby’s legal case has always been a sore subject, clearly something that she should not bring up hours before a competition. Defending herself, Yolanda explained that she just wanted Abby to know the kind of person Jamie is.

“And what you’re a judge of character? Cause she [Abby] doesn’t care much about you either,” Kira fired back.

After the duets, Elliana approached Abby and apologized for her mom’s behavior. The ALDC coach seemed to have cooled off and consoled the mini dancer.

“Sweetie, I’ve seen a lot of talented kids come in my studio but you wont know their names because their parents’ actions, they just destroy the kid,” Abby told Elliana.

The Dance Moms newcomer told the cameras that she talked to her mom about keeping her head down and listening to Abby but she just would not listen.

“I’m mad at my mom because I want her to have a better attitude and do what Ms. Abby says. I keep asking her and she never listen to me,” she said.

Dance Moms Season 7 airs Tuesdays on Lifetime. Watch the promo for Episode 8, “ALDC Ain’t Dead Yet,” below.

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