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‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Ridge’s Relationship With Quinn Shifts, Thomas Shares Bad News, And Steffy’s Struggles Continue

Where do things head next on The Bold and the Beautiful? Spoilers detail that things continue to be heated between Quinn and Ridge while Eric will be talking with Katie about how much he trusts his wife. Steffy is still in the middle of a difficult situation regarding Wyatt and Liam, but she is ready to concede a few things in regards to her estranged mother-in-law. Also, Thomas has some news to share that may shake things up regarding his personal life. What else can everybody expect from the January 17 show and the remainder of the week?

Quinn may have ordered Ridge out of the hotel room after she came to realize what his angle had been regarding compromising her in Eric’s eyes, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers hint that things are not quite over between these two. It sounds as if they will continue to argue for a bit, as she will insist that she will never, ever give up what she has found with her husband.

According to SheKnows Soaps, this passionate discussion will give Ridge an opportunity to understand Quinn much better than he previously had. Up until this point, he has seen her as a manipulative gold digger. However, it seems that Ridge may be starting to see how much she truly cares for his father and it sounds as if he may start to soften toward her.

There have been Bold and Beautiful spoilers swirling for a bit now that Quinn and Ridge would share a kiss, and it sounds as if that may finally come during Tuesday’s show. As the week continues, they will both end up surprised by how their feelings toward one another are shifting, and they’ll be surprising others back in Los Angeles with their new dynamic.

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Will friendship with Katie lead to something more on ‘B&B’? [Image by Earl Gibson III/Getty Images]

As Quinn and Ridge battle it out in San Francisco, Katie is paying Eric a visit back in Los Angeles. She was wary to stay at the mansion with Eric alone since she knew that his wife would not be happy about it. However, Bold and Beautiful spoilers note that he will talk about how he and his wife completely trust one another and he’ll insist that it’s all fine. There is little doubt that this talk of trust is a hint about troubles ahead.

Steffy has insisted that moving into Thomas’ loft, for now, is the right thing to do until her divorce is final, but she still has both Wyatt and Liam trying to pull her elsewhere. It looks like she’ll have a lengthy discussion with Thomas about the state of things, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers reveal that she’ll admit that Quinn does seem to have genuine feelings for her grandfather. Despite that, Steffy will insist that she’ll never trust the woman.

Thomas will have some things to share as well, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers detail that he will reveal some heartbreaking news to his sister. While specifics regarding this development have remained under wraps, fans have a hunch that the news will be related to either a split or troubles with Caroline.

Actress Linsey Godfrey plays Caroline on 'Bold and Beautiful'
Is Caroline fully out of the picture now on ‘B&B’? [Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

After the show went to a lot of work to push Thomas and Caroline together, little has been seen of them since and Soap Central notes that actress Linsey Godfrey has reportedly been taken off contract. A lot of viewers have been anxious to see where things could head between Caroline and Thomas, and perhaps there is still more to come from them as a couple, but teases of heartbreaking news from Thomas certainly sounds likely to be related to troubles in this romance.

As the week progresses, Liam will give Steffy an ultimatum regarding their relationship and Wyatt will throw his all into wooing his estranged wife back as well. Liam will talk about he wants all of her or none of her, while Wyatt will reach out and manage to spend some time talking with her about their connection as well. Bill remains determined to reunite with Brooke and ensure that she doesn’t marry his rival, and there are teasers hinting at grand gestures on his part ahead.

Additional teasers for the week of January 16 suggest that there may be a pact on the way between two former rivals and a marriage will be ending. Will Quinn and Ridge be able to keep what happened in San Francisco a secret? Are things destined to stay simply friendly between Eric and Katie? Does Wyatt have any chance at reuniting with Steffy or is Liam the man she’s meant to be with going forward? The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that things will be juicy and complicated in the days ahead and fans cannot wait to see where things head next.

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