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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Tonja Walker Finally Makes her Way Back, Her Return Promises To Shake Things Up In Port Charles

It has been a long time coming, but General Hospital has finally brought Tonja Walker back to her old stomping ground. It has been 25 years since Olivia Jerome was killed off by her brother Julian and now the reveal of who the actress will come back as is finally here. She will appear briefly on Tuesday, and while most viewers are expecting her to return as the Jerome sis, it could still turn out to be someone else entirely.

While it is almost certain that Olivia Jerome has returned from the dead, you just never know if the writers of the ABC soap will put a different kind of twist on this storyline. However, all of the hints so far really does point towards Tonja Walker reprising her old General Hospital role. If this is really Olivia Jerome who she is reviving, then Julian is in big trouble. According to spoilers by Soap Central for this week, Julian will be facing the things of his past, and that means that fans will finally see what was in his head this past year and why he did all of those dirty deeds that have resulted in his family suffering for it.

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On Monday’s episode, the Jerome brother revealed that the woman in red, whose face has not yet been seen, is the one who has been making him do all of the terrible things over this past year. That includes putting a knife to Alexis’ throat in an attempt to kill her. This scenario had Julexis fans quite upset, so all of Julian’s badness over the months is finally coming to light.

If this really is his dead sister who made him do these things, there is still the question of whether he really knows that it is Olivia that he has answered to all this time. He has been meeting with Rudge, who has been giving him the orders, so he may be in for a surprise when he finally meets this woman face-to-face.

Of course, the writers could always be giving out hints to make viewers think that Tonja Walker is reprising her previous role as Olivia, but they could just have her come back as someone totally different. There is always the possibility of a twin sister that no one knows about. After all, there is another Olivia in Port Charles already. Olivia Falconeri is actually mom to Leo, who is also part of the Jerome family as he is Julian’s son as well. So, it would be very strange to have two Olivias at the same time on General Hospital.

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Speaking of Leo, he hasn’t been seen on screen hardly at all since he has been born. However, it looks like Julian’s defiance on Monday’s episode may have terrible consequences. He told Rudge that he is done catering to his boss and now his family is in danger because of it. It looks like Leo is in trouble and this may just be the thing that brings Julian and this woman who is calling the shots face-to-face. It will most likely be Tonja Walker sitting there as the lady in red, but it may not be Olivia Jerome at all.

There are many rumors swirling on who she will be playing, and it is gearing towards the role Walker played many years ago, but that has not been confirmed just yet. The actress recently mentioned that her return will be quite shocking and will be shaking things up in Port Charles. Her coming back to General Hospital promises to be amazing.

There are even rumors that she could be Helena Cassadine that has come back from the dead in a younger version of the Cassadine matriarch. Celebrity Dirty Laundry put that out there recently, and that would really make everyone in Port Charles cringe. Talk about shaking things up. This scenario may seem impossible in the real world, but stranger things have happened before on this soap, so anything is possible.

Is Olivia Jerome really back to torment her brother for killing her? Does Olivia have a twin that is out for revenge? Sound off your thoughts on who you think Tonja Walker will be playing on General Hospital this time around.

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